8.0 MotorStorm: Apocalypse Review "When the PlayStation 3 originally came out, there were two franchises which acted as the poster boys for the console. The first was Resistance, the second was MotorStorm. Both of those titles sold millions, but the next iteration of MotorStorm failed to live up to the initial experience; Pacific Rift just lost that cutting edge. Third time's the charm though, and Evolution Studios are back with MotorStorm once again. This time we're taken to a post-apocalyptic world, with more carnage than you can shake a stick at - it's a massive roller coaster of a ride."

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Hardedge2786d ago

Sweet, I'll be picking this up. The game looks amazing.

mephman2786d ago

Yea, the course design is astounding.

ShawnCollier2786d ago

Glad to see the game itself didn't turn out apocalyptic.