GamePro: The 32 Best Xbox 360 Games

As selected by the GamePro staff, here's a comprehensive look at 24 of the best video games available on Microsoft’s Xbox 360

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Stewie2k82573d ago

black ops is number 1... eh what?!

westy5522573d ago

Some very strange selections, surely reach is a better game then blackops? Also some other funny inclusions.

Homefront 31 - Really?
Dance Central 28 - WOW

And how on earth did Borderlands beat ME2? I mean come on.

Finally 2 COD games in the top 6. Black ops shouldn't even be in the top 20.

gaden_malak2573d ago

It's #1 on the PS3 list as well.

Terrible lists on both sides.

HolyOrangeCows2573d ago

Dragon Age II...Homefront...Bulletstorm.. ..there are WAY better games that could have been on the list!

zeal0us2573d ago

another bs list well part of it. When I here "best 360 games" I think oh 360-only games not games that are multiplatform. More like "best 32 360 and ps3" games Anyone remember the vga's Cod:Bo got award even though it hard just came out a month beforehand wtf.

Also do remember these are the very same ppl that paid spammers to get their topic on the toplist on reddit.

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ThanatosDMC2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

I thought it was gonna be exclusive list but it hits you with Dragon Age 2 and Homefront on the first page. Let me see if Earth's Defense Force, Steel Battalion, Chrome Hounds, and Dead Rising 1...

Nope, not on it. Terrible multiplat list. Only 5 exclusives. Though i liked Fable 2 better than Fable 3. Also, it's mostly the recent game that came out within the past 6 months.

guitarded772573d ago

Yeah... they could have made a much better list.

Saint-Revlot2573d ago

What's funny is that only 6 are exclusive.

karl2573d ago Show
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