Blistered Thumbs: The 3rd Birthday review

Blistered Thumbs: If you’re a fan of the original Parasite Eve games and are looking for more, then this game will disappoint you. If you’re not a fan of the series and just want a new shooter to play on your PSP, this will disappoint you. I can’t in good conscience recommend this game to anyone, your money will be better spent elsewhere. This is one birthday worth skipping out on.

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rataranian2787d ago

If they only would have developed it for ps3, instead of being cheap ass fuck faces. Thats SE for you. Hope they enjoy the kick in the ass for no sales now.

kesvalk2787d ago

what make you think that if this was on the PS3 it would be better (IF this reviewer is right, and the game is, indeed, bad) than on the PSP?

get real dude, it would be probably worse...

HeavenlySnipes2787d ago

The game was terrible. Had no sense of flow, major plot holes all over the place (if you play it, get ready for the biggest mindfuck ever in the ending), story made no sense (especially for me since it was my first Parasite Eve game. but thats no excuse, I perfectly got MGS4 just by following along), the camera control is garbage, they expect you to play the shitty game 30 times to unlock items and weapons...that can only be used for the story. Terrible waste of money. I give it a 6.5/10 for the CG videos.

Reibooi2787d ago

The game isn't bad...Unless you are a big fan of the original games and even then the gameplay is great.

The biggest issue is that they changed the entire world of Parasite Eve and the character of Aya Brea. She was the strong, Independent badass in the original games and in The 3rd Birthday she is a weak cowering woman. She isn't anything like she was and from the beginning it seems as though this is because she doesn't remember her past and it looks as if she will get to the way she was in the original games but it never really happens and the ending pretty much destroys any chance of it really happening.

In addition to that the world is just meh. One of the best thing about the original games is that despite the heavy Sci Fi story they still were very based in reality. They had lots of scientific talk and what not and didn't seem like "Monsters just take over the world because they want to" That the 3rd Birthday ends up being. And at the end of the day the things the games were most known for(like the disturbing mutation scenes) are gone.

Game play wise the game is very solid. As solid as a 3rd person action game on the PSP can be but if you liked the original games for the story and character you will be disappointed.

lepolohuevo2787d ago

I don't even see how the PS3 would have saved it anyways :/ A bad game stays bad no matter what console it's on.

Homicide2787d ago

Well having a second analog and extra buttons would've helped with some of the control and camera complaints.

But yeah, moving it into the PS3 wouldn't fix the terrible story and characters and poor game designs.