John Madden: Concussions have to be a part of the video game

“Concussions are such a big thing, it has to be a big thing in the video game,” Madden told the New York Times. “It starts young kids — they start in video games. I think the osmosis is if you get a concussion, that’s a serious thing and you shouldn’t play. Or leading with the head that you want to eliminate. We want that message to be strong.”

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goodfellajay2785d ago

i think its lame they added it..cuz its a game not real life..but madden was better on ps2

darthv722785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

since i played a madden game(since genesis). I have a madden 05 for the xbox that a friend gave me. I didnt know they added player injury to the game. I would think it changes the dynamics considerably.

Your QB gets sacked to the point where it affects his performance and accuracy. Adding that little touch of realism sounds intriguing. Sports games arent my thing but this sounds neat to those who enjoy them.

thehitman2785d ago

madden was soooo much better on ps2 then ps3/360 versions. I dont know what they were thinking and still thinking but madden has never been the same since ps2 days. I had madden 07 for ps2 and when i got my ps3 bought madden 07 for ps3 was 2 different games completely. So many gameplay features lost speeds not the same and interface horrible.

mrsGamer2785d ago

idk goodfellajay i still enjoy the game.on the ps3

goodfellajay2785d ago

just was faster ..more fun..too slow now..imo

mrsGamer2785d ago

lol its a new day old man

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The story is too old to be commented.