New Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 artwork, screens and gameplay trailer

Newly released images,artwork and trailer for Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 US version

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Dart892512d ago

I need a release date.

Vegivo2512d ago

FB status says next week

BiggCMan2512d ago

Have you played 1 and 2? If so, what are your opinions? I am a huge Dynasty Warriors fan, but have only ever played the demo of the very first one many years ago. It was pretty good, but obviously only a demo. I'm curious about these games, they look good.

radphil2512d ago

It's more of a fanservice to Gundam Fans if anything.

For Story mode, it goes off of Gundam Storylines. For original mode, think of Conquest from 7, except it's randomized on the stages more or less.

Vegivo2512d ago

so you're a warriors fan eh? then you're gonna love it!

Dart892512d ago

I played the first one and loved it but sadly i haven't got to play the second one.