Dynasty Warriors 7 Review-CheatCC

CheatCC says, "At the end of the day, the most amazing thing about Dynasty Warriors 7 is how the developers managed to squeeze so little gameplay out of so much content. Under the hood, there's really a lot to this game."

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Neko_Mega2724d ago

Only thing I didn't care for is not getting to us my character in all of the mode that lets you pick a character and level them up and go to towns.

I hate it when it forces you to play someone else.

Dart892724d ago

Is there a way you can tell what level you're character is at cuz i been looking but can't find it??

Infernostew2724d ago

You don't level your characters in DW7, only upgrades are stats.

Neko_Mega2724d ago

Don't know, never even try to look for it ^-^ to busy killing people lol.

Simon_Brezhnev2724d ago

well it forces you because its almost exactly like the real Romance of the 3 Kingdoms with some minor changes.

sickbird2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )


Lindsey2724d ago

Wow I was surprised to see people commenting on the game that actually played it. It looks terrible.

AhmadCentral2724d ago

It's the best in the series tbh.

Dart892724d ago

Saying it looks terrible is more different than actually playing maybe you should try it.

Lindsey2724d ago

I should have stated it differently. The game seems like a terrible game. I'm by no means a graphics whore.

AhmadCentral2724d ago

I recommend that you try it out, it may look terrible to you but its actually a great game. KOEI have really improved it from DW6 which i wasn't a fan off. Gotta say that i'm loving the game. Give it a rent, you might be surprised.

Yawnier2724d ago

I agree with AhmadCentral.

This game is a great improvement upon DW6, which I too, hated with a passion.

Also I must say, Koei really did a great job on Kingdom Mode. You can get anywhere from 15 - 25 hours of gameplay out of all 4 of the kingdom's story modes in total, depending on the difficulty you play on. Which to be honest, is longer then a lot of game's single player campaigns today.

Plus, there is conquest mode.