Why Duke Nukem Forever's Spanking is Worse Than God Hand's or Madworld's

Jeffrey Matulef writes, "There's been a lot of controversy lately over Gearbox announcing that Duke Nukem Foreverever will feature a varient of capture the flag where you kidnap women instead of a flag and spank their bottoms if they try to wander off. This latter part struck a chord with many as violence towards women is an all too real issue and placing it in a game for comedic value just seems in poor tastes."

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TrentKill2810d ago

Haha that's the best way I've ever seen it been put also. People should't be making a big deal about this. It's a game.. a comedy game pretty much. People aren't going to go abuse their wives because of a game. Neither is anyone going to go kill millions of people because of a video game.

rdgneoz32810d ago

Yah, slapping a woman's ass doesn't sound so bad in comparison to killing like a million people. Also, did the site ever stop to think that some women like to be spanked?

anasurimbor2810d ago

Disagrees about God Hando.... this site sucks the big one.

SeraphimBlade2810d ago

It is DUKE. F*CKING. NUKEM. Are we really taking this seriously? Also, for some reason, I highly doubt that violence against women usually takes the form of smacking dat ass.

ShiranaiJittai2810d ago

That article is ignorant and I informed the writer of such in my comment which they may or may not approve who knows?

And Yes Penny arcade has the right idea why the hell is smacking a girls ass "wrong and demeaning but its ok to commit genocide a million times over in so many videogames, of steal from peoples homes with the justification that "you are the hero and can do what you want by right" or rip peoples spines out of their body.

God forbid the awful softporn sideboob mass effect was forcing into young childrens hands the world over (sarcasm)

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