"Spider-Man: Edge of Time" reveal is neither amazing nor spectacular | 4Player Podcast

The recently unveiled "Spider-Man: Edge of Time" finally has a trailer and it doesn't look good for our web-slinging friend. With such promise shown by Beenox, the developer of last year's "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions," it is a bit disappointing to see the direction that this next game appears to be going. Check out the new trailer and marvel (see what I did there?) at its mediocrity.

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DA_SHREDDER2788d ago

oh wow, so they took the Shattered Dimensions engine, made what could have been dlc into a $65 dollar game? Hahahhaha. Publishers must think we are fools, or are fools themselves. Personally, I think its the latter. Hahaha! Next.

Yi-Long2787d ago

... what else did you expect from those greedy bastards!?

They're the cancer of the videogame-industry.

MGRogue20172787d ago

Rehash of Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions..


HeavenlySnipes2787d ago

its been like 5 years and Spiderman 2 is still the best Spiderman game. I've played Web of Shadows, but not only does Spiderman 2 have better side missions and content (like the pizza missions, daily bugle ones, gang turfs, YOU CAN GO INSIDE MANY BUILDINGS) the game also featured better web slinging (well thats subjective but I think so) and story line.

Oh, and lets not forget that Web of Shadows hired THE WORST voice actor for Spiderman. EVER. OF ALL TIME

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2787d ago

I hated all the open world Spider-man games. Well not hated. Swinging around was really fun. Just swinging around the vast city was fun enough to justify the purchase. But the missions were all lame if you ask me. The PS1 games and the first movie tie in had much better mission setups. Prolly because they werent so open so the combat was more focused.

What they need to do is find a way to combine the free roam aspects with the more focused missions of the old days.

pr0digyZA2787d ago

Ultimate spider-man was very good, as was number 2 on PS2.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2787d ago

Ultimate Spider-man was the best of the sand box Spider-man games. The combat was still bad though. One thing that you dont get with the sand box experience is Spider-man's stealth aspects. I remember breaking into Oscorp and sneaking around the labs trying not to be seen in Spider-man 1. I dont think there were any sequnces like that in Ultimate Spider-man or Spider-man 2.

firefoxprime2787d ago

I dunno man...that Ultimate Spiderman voice actor sucked on so many levels..........argh.

Its actually been 7 years since Spiderman 2, but I agree with yah. Funny how the arguably best Spiderman game was a movie tie-in hehe. Eat that purists! Ultimate was good as well. But everything after has sucked. I liked SD( a lil throwback to the n64/ps1 spiderman games.) I really wanna play W.Shadows. I know it sucks, but those gameplay mechanics drew me in. I'll just rent it for a week(GS) and return it :P

@antiheroprotagonist: "How about shutting the fuck up until there is more information."

Um..yeah. How about you take your own advice, huh skippy? Hehe. Fool. "More information"? Are you serious?

Not only did we recieve a major press release, but also screen shots! AND a trailer. Basically your point is lame and you suck. :)

Now if it was the well hidden X-men Destiny..."then" you'd actually have a concrete case.

Baka-akaB2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

What did you expect ? Spiderman games and xmen games will suck as long as Activision rights dont expire .

I dislike the completely open game mechanics for spiderman , but the shattered/edge way doesnt work neither .

The franchise need a focused hub system , with a roaming system equivalent to the castlevania/metroid/batman style , allowing for a much better focus for the story and missions .

And if course it gotta happens with actually talented devs .. so in another decade

HeavenlySnipes2787d ago

have any affiliation with activision? X Men Legends was/is one of the best coop games I've ever played. And the like others have said, the PS1 spidermans were actually pretty good.

Inzo2787d ago

Web of shadows was the beginning of the end for Spider Man, I really enjoyed Spider Man 2 and Tobey McGuire(not a huge fan of him) was a hundred times better than that irritating voice of web of shadows, shattered dimensions wasnt the worst game I have ever played but it took away one of the features I loved most about the Spider Man games and thats free roaming.

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