GameNTrain: Three Games Every Gamer Should Play Before They Die, Week Two

Welcome back to the Bucket list column, this week we have some more games every gamer should have on their shelf.

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darthv722809d ago

i will be playing 2 out of 3 on that list. Great games all 3 of them.

Perjoss2809d ago

I agree with all 3 games, but I still prefer mass effect 1 to 2. If you like RPGs play 1, if you prefer third person shooters play 2.

Kee2809d ago

Yup. Played all three of em. I figured this list would have older games on it.

Kamin02809d ago

Yeah definitely great titles. I haven't played Red Dead AT ALL yet lol.

Relientk772809d ago

You need to get on that. Red Dead Redemption is great.

Kamin02809d ago

Oh trust me! I will lol thanks

B1663r2809d ago

Ok my step dad was on his death bed and I asked him if there were any movies he wanted to see before he died, and he croaked "What if I want my two hours back?"

True story...

Make sure you enjoy these games in your mis-spent youth because when you are clearing up your bucketlist, I seriously doubt video games or movies will be on that list...

Relientk772809d ago

They should mention from "the current generation" or something I was expecting Zelda, Mario, or something older games.

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