Why People Think Gaming is Harmful?

ere are some interesting facts. Let’s look at some reasons why people think gaming is harmful. Before you read them, ask yourself this question – “how can playing video games too much harm me?”

Ruins your eyesight....

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Kurt Russell2781d ago

Ruins your eyesight? - So does my fucking job.

You don’t get much sleep when you play a video game that is just too interesting and/or addicting. - Just like any fucking hobbies you're that into.

Your kidneys could damage or explode from not noticing when you need to urinate. - And I could get hit by a bus if I wasn't to notice that either.

Forgetting real life, social activities and sports. - They're obviously less interesting than what you're already into... ergo not worth your time.

Violence. Like a kid bringing a gun to school. - Try watching the news, a film, reading the fucking bible... Violence is human nature, a child taking a gun to school doesn't do it because he played Super Mario World... He did it because he either has mental issues, or simply doesn't like anyone at school.

People always need something to blame rather than taking any responsibility themselves.

UnwanteDreamz2781d ago

*starts slow clap*

^^I was gonna type something like that but you beat me to it. I will say anything done to excess can be harmful.

GrieverSoul2781d ago

*standing ovation*

Now thats a reply!!
Gaming is hobby like any other hobby i compare it to reading a book. Some hook you up and some arent that good.

B1663r2781d ago

There is a certain type of gamer that suffers from those effects, but gamers like me who have a life outside of gaming... well unless it is a really great game... I can't tolerate gaming for more than an hour or two a day.

Now recently I had to drive 17 hours to Florida from Ohio for my job, and the number one way to lose time is to stop, and when I drive I...

Focus on the road for long hours...

Drive straight through and don't get sleep...

Road rage because of F'ers who F'ing step on the break when they merge...

So driving must be bad for you as well...

tigertron2781d ago

That picture reminds me of a certain person in the news today...

SeraphimBlade2781d ago

Why this title is a question?
What this article's purpose?

B1663r2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

I agree, and same thing with pen and paper role playing games. They cause you to think about things in a certain way that you would not think about things if you were not exposed to the games...

For example, after world war 2 the US Army started having soldiers practice shoot at targets that looked like humans, because without that desensitization soldiers would tend to shoot over their targets because they didn't want to kill people... After they started desensitizing soldiers to killing people the US kill ratio went way up.

Now days the military uses FPS games and pen and paper role playing games to get soldiers to think a certain way, and to be desensitized to killing people. The more realistic the murder simulator the better the results.

Also, I know that playing FPS's has altered my thinking about war... For example, FPS's taught me that the best way to defend an area is to stand outside it and look at it, and shoot the invaders in the back (camp the objective)

And in light of that the USA policy on the middle east sort of makes sense to me, because it is easier to defend the US by sending troops over there, than it is to keep them here. sigh...

But then I am a country boy, and I have had a lot of lessons that taught me that Ma Nature is a vicious bitch.

On Edit: But I disagree that this world view is harmful, merely realistic...

On Edit At Below:

I'll be shooting you when you stand on that objective then;P

UnwanteDreamz2781d ago

"And in light of that the USA policy on the middle east sort of makes sense to me, because it is easier to defend the US by sending troops over there, than it is to keep them here".


branchedout2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

I can't lie to you guys.

I read the article title and got stuck there.

"Why People Think Gaming is Harmful?"

My mind keeps trying to put a "do" in there, or it's trying to replace the question mark with a period.

Make it stoooooop!

UnwanteDreamz2781d ago

My mind erased the question mark.

branchedout2781d ago

Teach me your ways, O' wise one.

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