Nintendo 3DS event host Jonathan Ross admits 3DS headaches

Jonathan Ross (nearly 1 million Twitter followers), the highest paid UK TV personality and host of various Nintendo 3DS events has revealed that the 3DS gives him a headache via Twitter. His most recent post notes - "@dudettecolette and you. I'll eb the one nursing a headache from playing the 3DS too much..." Woops! This isn't what Nintendo would have wanted to hear from one of their star campaigners. Unsuprisingly, the woman he messaged from the Official Nintendo Mag Blog replied - "hahaha I know that feeling all too well!"

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gravemaker2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

After few days you can play 5 hours straight with no problems in full 3d.

darthv722813d ago

"too much" sounds about right. Playing anything for too long can cause problems. Some are better at handling it than others.

This doesnt have to be turned into a scare tactic because that seems to be where its heading.

MonkeyBoy922812d ago

I don't understand why the media is trying to turn people against the 3DS by twisting everything.

It seems like they always want to bring down the big guns e.g. the PS2 was massive so they get there fire and pitchforks out for the PS3 and now the same seems to be happening with the 3DS after the success of the DS.

It is all over the radio in the UK about headaches and eye strain, people need to understand 1. it takes time to adjust to the 3D (even using glasses in a cinema watching 3D it takes my eyes 10 minutes) and 2. if you play anything for a long amount of time you will get a headache.

From Jonathan Ross's point of view he is actually trying to promote it by saying its so much fun he is playing it to much. But the media/sites twist this to him complaining.


kyl2772813d ago

It seems the headaches only affect a few people, some get major headaches after a short time while some can play for hours on end without a problem.


labaronx2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

might have to do with various eye conditions, astigmatisms and such, which i have it affected me with massive migraines when i saw avatar, but isn't as bad know after playing ps3 and 3ds games in 3d

Ddouble2812d ago

It could be just a nomral headache but this being the 3DS what would most people assume?

Theyellowflash302812d ago

Do people not know how to use the slider? If its on the lowest setting and you still get a headache your eye muscles are really weak. With that being said it doesn't matter, its the same as watching a 3D movie at first your eyes will hurt or you'll get a headache but your eyes will adapt.

The Meerkat2812d ago

Happens to me playing games if the frame rate is too low.

That why I love 60fps. I'd rather have 60fps over better graphics.

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