The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile Review (Gameplay Today)

Back when Dishwasher: Dead Samurai came out, I immediately fell in love with it, in no small part to my relief that I hadn't just downloaded the trial version of a Diner Dash ripoff. It had an amazing artistic style, controls with water-like fluidity, and was just about the closest to a 2D version of Devil May Cry that you could make without the risk of lawsuits.

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BeaRye2785d ago

A perfect score for an XBLA game? What's with these review sites grading on a scale? I know this doesn't hold up to Killzone 3 or Halo ODST. Why do games get "bonus" or graded differently because they're downloable?

I saw the same thing with Castle Crashers and other games.

darthv722785d ago

they are just graded for being fun. A game the scope of kz3 or halo doesnt have to be the only ones to get such high scores. Even the simplest of fun games can be deserving too.

Roozium2785d ago

They don't cost as much and they dont take as much space.

lochdoun2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Because downloadable games are allowed to take chances and be wildly original with low risk.

Kudos to Xbox Live for supporting these types of exclusive games on their service.

Raichu502785d ago

Man I thought this was about Diner Dash when the first came out. Shitty game though, no Muramasa for Wii