Saints Row - bringing back the fun Rockstar forgot

OXM UK: "I spent my first twenty minutes with Saints Row 2 barely able to stand upright because I was laughing so hard. That's less a testament to the script's sense of comic timing as it is to my own ineptitude - I kept getting the fire button confused with the taunt button, see, and Saints Row 2 has some inventive "taunts"."

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Noble Spartan2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Saints Row 1 & 2 were terrible at best. Just a generic pile of turd trying to immitate GTA the beast. Yes a mild fun as a average sandbox game not the quality of GTA but comparing to GTA saints row is a awful.

If you want some ridiculous fun then why not just go for Just Cause 2?

NarooN2730d ago

Dunno WTF you're talking about, because SR2 is the most fun I've had in a sandbox game in ages. GTAIV was a massive pile of shit. It took itself too seriously and got boring way too fast. They removed virtually everything that made San Andreas and previous titles so much fun.

dirigiblebill2730d ago

I'm the chap who wrote this.

Not fibbing about being unable to stand up. I was meant to be reviewing the thing (closed play session) and they must have thought I was stoned.

Focker4202730d ago

Good to know its so funny. I played the original and thought it was entertaining but I never got around to buying the second. But thanks to your brief yet informative playthrough I'll definitely be picking this up.

dirigiblebill2730d ago

You're welcome :)

The Zero Punctuation take on SR2 is worth hearing.

Lirky2730d ago

saints row the third will be good since i thought sr2 was nice based on the features of grabbing ppl throwing them, and melee stealth kills.

Mista T2730d ago

I don't know, there's something Rockstar used to bring that can't be replicated.

gorebago2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

I liked both games, sr2 and gta4. I think they're both fun. One is more slapstick though obviously.

qadsia1232730d ago

I agree theres something that all other sandbox games cant just get right. GTA will always be the best and pretty sure gta5 will blow saints row out of the water...

Raendom2730d ago

Quality? It can be replicated, but nobody has the sense of how to accomplish that these days.

qadsia1232730d ago

Yes exactly everything in other sandbox games feels halfassed and you cant beat the GTA storylines with the characters that really immerse you into the world.

I mean going on a mission only finding out something went terribly wrong like your friend double crossed you just feel like your playing a blockbuster gangster movie.

PrimordialSoupBase2730d ago

More recently all they've brought is pretension and boredom.

DA_SHREDDER2730d ago

"used to" = past tense. Yeah I used to think nothing came close to Grand Theft Auto, but now it seems they can't even get the physics right. Floaty cars, crappy online, less drivable vehicles, even the music was crap. GTA hasn't been the same since Vice City. GTA4 as much as I like the game, didn't even live up to its predecessors.

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Trroy2730d ago

SR is great. I like me some GTA, but honestly I enjoy SR more, thanks to the humor.

metsgaming2730d ago

i like SR more but thats because gta4 was such a disaster. I prefer the old gta's over saints row though. Day 1 for SR3

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