Bulletstorm PC demo finally released

New Game Network: "After many months of waiting, PC users can finally get a chance to try Epic's wild shooter."

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lugia 40002785d ago

Too late, already using teh pirate version.

BeastlyRig2785d ago

lol I already Pre-Purchased Portal 2!

evrfighter2784d ago

Ya already demo'd the full version. Was fun for half an hour then got meh. Will wait for 10 dollar steam sale.

Saryk2785d ago

Why? I wish I could find out how many downloads this demo gets. I bet it isn't even close to what it would have been if the demo was released before the game.

Relientk772785d ago

They should have released this before the game

dirthurts2785d ago

I doubt this will generate any sells...but at least it made it.

Johandevries2785d ago

I aint giving it any buys

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