Angry Birds Flying to Facebook

Joining the ranks of Farmville, Angry Birds heads to Facebook's game list.

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dragonyght2480d ago

lol they taking over everything

PR0X12480d ago

rehashing old flash game is getting old.

Skyliner122480d ago

No kidding. Angry Birds are on every platform possible atm, aren't they?

darthv722480d ago

i played it on the psp. worst $2 i ever spent because my wife saw me playing it and now i cant get my psp back. Oh well, I can still play it on the ps3. Hopefully she doesnt know about that otherwise........

It was supposed to come to dsi i thought.

Skyliner122479d ago

There's probably some legal mumbo jumbo Nintendo and Angry Birds are working through. Stuff always seems to get late to the DSi store..

Ayreesfoxx2480d ago

What are we going to do today Rovio?

The same thing we do every day Angry B, Take over the world...

BrianG2480d ago

Best comment all day.

Jezuz2480d ago

just a matter of time....

Relientk772480d ago

Not suprised, it was a matter of time.

It is a great game though, they get no hate from me

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