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Alex Co of gamrFeed interviews two people from the Philippines and asks them why they pirate and why the nation itself is so prone to piracy. An interesting look at how culture influences video game piracy.

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BeardedGamerShow2807d ago

An insightful look at piracy in other countries. A $60 game costing more than 1/4 of a household's monthly income is pretty shocking.

Still, piracy is stealing.

Warprincess1162807d ago

Even if it was cheap. They still would pirate. People in that country is quite poor

Johandevries2807d ago

''People in that country is quite poor''

There are certain picture of owl I quite want show

swirldude2807d ago

Great interview, interesting to hear from the people of a country that pirates so much.

Dart892807d ago

That's why people pirate so many games they're to damn expensive.And some games are just s**t that are not even worth a penny.Great article.

ForceCSW2807d ago

There are cars that cost nearly 10 times what I make in a year. Does that give me the right to steal them?

HarryMonogenis2807d ago

Well, piracy is still stealing.

bmw692807d ago

Not if you weren't intending to buy it in the first place...

Eamon2807d ago

There's a huge debate over whether piracy is theft or not.

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