Bringing PSN down: Why hackers deeds are worse than Sony’s

Gamersmint: So, this hacker group called Anonymous threatened Sony due to latter suing Geohot and Graf_Chokolo. They say Sony will have to pay for this insolence. I can’t help but laugh at these childish people with a self entitlement complex who think, they can do anything they want. It’s okay we get it, you don’t like what Sony did but there is a simple recourse to that. Just don’t buy their products, why in the world do you have to DDOS their websites. It won’t prove anything and probably makes Sony’s case stronger. It’s a very childish thing to do but of course it’s the internet and we know how things are.

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waltyftm2813d ago

What a bunch of WAMKERS.

zootang2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

Attack the government, banks or oil companies. Sony are an entertainment company that bring people joy while making money. Pathetic!

Need Bubbles!

Soldierone2813d ago

They are not even attacking Sony themselves. They are ruining services for the community of Sony. Thus people like you and I are in able to access Sony things we visit daily.

Then they are setting sights on something we PAY to have. PSN goes down, something you paid to have is no longer accessible because these idiots are butthurt they can't break the law.

You honestly think when people read "Hackers bring down PSN" people are gonna be mad at Sony and stop supporting Sony? nope.

kaveti66162813d ago

zootang, you don't need any bubbles.

having one bubble will hopefully teach you to think about things before you type so you can contribute something positive instead of the troll posts which brought you to this pathetic, desperate state.

yeah, it sucks that anons are using their internet prowess to take down Sony over something so trivial.

if you don't like Sony products, then don't buy them.

GrieverSoul2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

These guys speak about customers rights when their martyr Geohot allegedly didnt bought a single PS3 game and didnt even used the PS3 online capabilities. These guys seriously need a head check when they talk about consumers. Im a consumer and I see nothing wrong with my purchase. I bought a console and it serves its purpose... Well, at least it should but you guys keeping releasing stuff that allows cheating and now are creating a problem since I cant view my playercard online because you guys are on a Holy Cause against me and other consumers whose rights are intact.

You guys resemble a terrorist group! Im sorry for the bad and sad comparison but with your videos, threaths and "Im RIGHT" attitude thats what you are to me.

DrHouse2813d ago

So pathetic in fact that they have my IP adress for watching a vid from GEOhot for LOL's Yea, Sony is justified. I opened my ps3 and modded it for my own benefit and they want to sue me...yes they are justified.

radphil2813d ago

Wow DrHouse. You didn't even read onto that section of the statement. I visited the site too, but they are using it in a court statement about WHERE they come from, not suing you.

Jesus christ man...

sdtarm2813d ago

this guys should grow the fuck up and get a life

4me22813d ago


"I opened my ps3 and modded it for my own benefit and they want to sue me...yes they are justified."

You can modify hardware but you can not touch software part of it. The hardware belongs to you, the software/firmware does not.
The only exception when modifying hardware is illegal is when is done with intension and purpose to enable modification of software part of said hardware, and in consequence to be able to execute unlicensed/copyright software/movies/music without obtaining required licenses (even if it is free) .... in simple term stealing.

"...modded it for my own benefit...." you could be more specific about that
- is your PS3 now a toaster, fridge ... but if you just like a free stuff that indeed benefits you but it HURTS everybody else.

About Sony collecting IPs of people who have watched the video, don't worry. The most Sony can do it is to run those IPs against PSN users IP and check who is running custom firmware ... and banned them. Thats it!

InfectedDK2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

This IS NOT for the people at all!
This is childish! Go back to war, religion, freedom of speech etc. ! The people actually loves SONY.

Sony for the WIN!!

2813d ago
darksied2813d ago


Man, I wish some of these idiots could go to jail, then they could really find out what butthurt means.

NiKK_4192813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

I don't know about him (I haven't really seen him trolling at least), but I got ny bubbles ripped from me right after making my account, over actually nothing, it wasn't trolling or anything, just in the wrong place at the wrong time when the mods go bubble raping crazy because of the article, but that doesn't mean I'm a troll just because I have 1 bubble (that is mostly not the case, though), but you're one to talk about trolling, you're worse than he is, from what I have seen at least

OT: this is really childish of them, how do they think they are helping anyone? They're doing this for their own amusement and for attention, this is not what should happen and they know it, but they just don't care obviously

DarkTower8052812d ago

Agree 100% with the article. This only makes Sony's case stronger and will make the judge and FBI come down harder on hackers now and in the future.

Good luck chumps, you can only hide behind your PC for so long. I sure would like to be there when the FBI busts down your door with assault rifles and locks you up.

soren2812d ago

are you retarded? you want them to atk the government and banks and screw all of you who agreed with this dumb turd. you like to atk ur own country? maybe u should be put to death for treason are you aware of what would happen to our economy if we do that? atking the goverment would have so many negative effects i dont see how can u even say that? you have issues banks and oil? u need to be beat up or worst

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Sev2813d ago

Whoa. Gamersmint has some pretty big cajones. Calling out these hackers may not be the best decision.

starcrafter2813d ago

We are indeed legion, but most of us are dumb faggots :P No real reason to worry

Craptain_Steel2813d ago

Anon are just a bunch of megalomaniacs, being a frequent visitor to 4chan on boring sundays, i've seen this countless times. I give it 2 weeks before they stop it lol.

ps3destroyer2813d ago

Why do I think that if the title was Xbox live went down by hacker everyone would scream about Microsoft failing to secure their accounts and not about the WAMKERS?

BlackTar1872812d ago

because that's what you want to think to justify your but but we are the victim mentality you seem to be portraying. This unfair sony website whiny nonsense.

firetaw2812d ago

xbox live is a service while psn is a store. if your service goes down, you get mad. if a store goes down, you wait.

PS360PCROCKS2812d ago

what's a wamker? is that like a wanker? I'm american i don't know these things lol

waltyftm2812d ago

Spelling mistake, I never got around to correcting it.

solar2812d ago

its laughable that hacking was a "360 thing" or a "PC thing". now 98% of N4G dont think it's funny anymore. hypocrits. hacking isnt illegal. hacking to do illegal things is illegal. how hard is that to understand?

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kyl2772813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

People on this website are mad, guarantee the comments will soon be filled with hate comments using stereotypes and saying they should be raped in jails.

I don't get such blind love for a TNC, they just want cash and nothing more but everyone here seems to think they are "looking our for core gamers" and that sony loves them, it's simply not true.

It's gotten to the stage where people here get angry at people buying used games because they think companies deserve every penny.


ps3destroyer2813d ago

Is there anyone that goes against Sony and is not a troll to you?

shoddy2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

if not tell me why you hate Sony?

because they remove other OS?
they didn't give xchat?
they made shoddy hardware?
rip you off?
sueing hacker for damaging thier bussiness?

fuk all these hacker for messing with my free PSN.

karma will get you bitches, mock my word.

rockleex2812d ago

Is there anyone that likes what Sony offers and is not a troll to ps3destroyer?

MrBeatdown2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )


Sony is looking out for the consumer by MAKING SURE THE DAMN THINGS WE BUY ACTUALLY WORK, which is a hell of a lot more than what you can say for Geohot, Graf_Chokolo, and these Anonymous idiots.

These fools aren't in it for consumer rights or anything like that. They're doing it because they get off on playing Batman from their basements.

kyl2772813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )


I'm on my 3rd PS3 and I still have a working original PS1 and PS2.

Many other people have got the YLOD, their standard are slipping and the quality of their machines has gotten worse, hell with hardware revisions they have started removing features.

EDIT Disagrees for stating facts, says a lot about the people on this website.

GraySnake2813d ago

and Batman is saying... "Son i am Disappoint".

who am I kidding, more like "BITCH IM THE GODDAMN BATMAN!"

MrBeatdown2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

You know what the big difference here is, don't you?

Sony makes an effort make sure the systems don't break, even after thousands and thousands of hours of use. Inevitably, some are going to break. I've had that happen twice with PS3 and once with 360. It happens. If you aren't happy with the quality of your PS3, go buy a 360, or go find some other way to play games that you think is more reliable.

It's a hell of a far cry from what these idiots claiming to defend consumer rights do. What they do negatively affects the consumer, and it's entirely intentional. It benefits no one and it's purely self-serving.

DrHouse2813d ago

you mean like removing backward compatabliy and preventing anyone who jailbreaks it fomr doing so? Yes they are helping , hrlping to get more money form me.

InLaLaLand2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

I agree to some extent that Sony is trying to crackdown on the online hacking experience, however some save files can be hacked like the MW, MW2 files. One thing I would like to mention, my Gamecube from 2002 still reads discs, can't really say the same thing for my PS3 (40gb btw) that was brought in 2008.

MrBeatdown2813d ago

Sony didn't take backwards compatibility from anyone. If you bought a PS3 without it, it's your own damn fault for not buying one sooner. Shut up and live it.

And if you want to jailbreak your PS3, go right ahead. Don't install Sony's firmware, and don't violate Sony's TOS by trying to connect to PSN with a jailbroken system. PSN belongs to Sony. You want to play their game, you play by their rules or you don't play at all.

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Loner2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

Pretty much.The fanboyism towards Sony is hands down the worst ive seen.
Some of these guys would be willing to give their lives for them.Its pathetic

@ Flatbattery

im not pathetic like you guys are.

GraySnake2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

Look at you calling someone pathetic!

AtomicGerbil2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

Grow up Loner, if this happened to Live I'm sure you would be the first to brandish a pitchfork and start hunting down hackers.

Edit: So, some childish amoeba wants to ruin online gaming for me and I'm supposed to sit back take it. You sir have got serious issues.

TBM2813d ago

i think it works the same way for Microsoft guy don't try to lump everyone into one group.

lee_ten2813d ago

says the guy with one bubble and makes it a HABIT to troll PS3 articles whenever he can. you know what's pathetic? the fact that if this was microsoft being attacked and ps3 fans were making fun of the situation, you would have been burning them at the stake already.

this isn't a joke so grow up and act your age.

theunleashed642813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

post's taken from your comment history.

"360 is boss" 4d ago by loner

"USA is the biggest in the gaming market in the world. sony must be kicking themselves that they lost it to microsoft" 3d ago by loner

very hypocritical coming from a corporate cheerleader himself saying that.

DNAbro2813d ago

yeah because not wanting people to break the law = being a fanboy

no one can justify what the hackers have done and i hope they get what's coming to them

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Soldierone2813d ago

So we should just sit back and let them take down Sony communities, take down PSN, and no care in the world.

You wanna attack Sony, then attack Sony. Dont attack the customers of Sony....

lee_ten2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

this isn't about blind love. this is about ruining services for OTHER PEOPLE WHO ARE USING THEM.

but you know, keep it up.

i don't understand your blind defense for hackers either.

BlackTar1872812d ago

I would love a break down of why you hate sony? it would be refreshing as long as its not something liek they are arrogant told us to get a 2nd job.

if that's one of your reasons you lost this conversation.

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SuperStrokey11232813d ago

Im just watiting for them to do something in the name of "freedom" that affects all the legit users of PSN.

Emilio_Estevez2813d ago

Good article, makes a lot of sense.

Kran2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

What's stupid is that this is now affecting normal gamers too. It's stupid.