Enslaved: Odyssey to the West - PS3 Review by Brash Games

Enslaved:Odyssey to the West on the PS3 is truly a breath of fresh air. It brings together a whole variety of features that lots of games seem to be forgetting about. Too many of today’s games are taking the same route whereby they play an overly morbid soundtrack accompanied by a plethora of dark gritty graphics.

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Ares842813d ago

Kind of late but ok. The game is a 7-8 in my opinion. Finished it once, didn't touch it since.

phantomexe2813d ago

I loved the game. I picked it up when it was 14.99 at kmart. I missed it all togther at release and i think i picked up castlevaina at the time.

bangoskank2813d ago

Just ordered it from Amazon for $14.99 myself. Wasn't too crazy about the gameplay when I tried the demo but the characters and story intrigued me enough to shell out so little cash. Looking forward to playing it.

Tyre2813d ago

Brilliant game, loved every minute of it, Heavenly Sword was also great!! Andy Serkis and Ninja Theory are match made in Heaven! In my book it's definitely a 9.

giovonni2813d ago

I thought the game was alright. Nothing that blew my mind, but for 14 bucks I'd shell out the cash