Microsoft Releases New And Cheaper XDK, Optional Sidecar

Gamasutra - Microsoft announced the release of a new Xbox Development Kit that features additional RAM for development purposes, built-in flash memory, larger hard disk drives, and a smaller form factor.

The new XDK console, which is offered at "a significantly reduced price from its predecessor", is designed to increase efficiency while reducing costs for licensed development teams of all sizes that wish to create software for the Xbox 360.

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darthv722785d ago

cheaper entry point means more developers can jump in.

kaveti66162784d ago

I'm sure someone is going to spin this negatively.

"Cheaper entry point means less quality control."

TotalPS3Fanboy2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

However, not all developers agreed with that.

Kaveti6616 was quoted as saying, "Cheaper entry point means less quality control."

Others, such as Lzim, questions the goodness of such a decision and its impact. He questioned the decision, saying, "did a good thing... happen?"

Active Reload2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

I wonder what the RAM increase will be since they've already had the newest one at 1gig. I would think they'd open it up more and just let the console stream whatever files it can.

Edit: Is the comment above me the first spin?

gamingdroid2784d ago

I doubt real developers had issues with an SDK that cost $10k, when an annual salary for one of those developers is in the range of $60-100k.

Only the smaller studios would care about a price-reduction, but there is always XNA for indie gamers. You can always move to a publisher (and get funding) when you have real working game.

For consoles, it doesn't really get cheaper (or better) than XNA.

lzim2785d ago

did a good thing just happen!?

dragonelite2784d ago

not from microsoft right that's not possible.

DrHouse2784d ago

Cheapr = More devs

More Devs = More Games

more games = More :D

Math 101

Raven_Nomad2784d ago

Could be a step in the right direction. If they opened up a little more they would see more developers come to them, even though I don't like it and wouldn't use it, Steam is an option to them as well.

Also that Final Fantasy game is theirs for the taking if they just open up a little bit, glad to see them do this though. More games means more fun for us gamers!

sickpup2784d ago

The problem is that this is still a game studio solution and does not help Indie gamers who use XNA and are required to signup for the creator's club license even to test their games. If they would develop an emulator that could run development games then this would serious increase custom development.

dragonelite2784d ago

There are multiple way to get free licenses.
Dreamspark for students and what is $100 anyway.