Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Info Compiled from OXM

It’s fun to end a week with Resident Evil news, to then begin the next with more big Resident Evil news! Let’s take a look at what Operation Raccoon City will have to offer. We’ve got the new Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City OXM magazine, so we’re gonna give you guys the run-down of new info and features.

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Arsenic132785d ago

I'm fine with then new changes, but this sounds like a non-cannon side project. So what harm can it do?

erathaol2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

*The title is not being considered cannon.

Its not the capacity of harm that gets us, its the lack of capacity for good that gets us.

For being one of the biggest Japanese Game Companies, it surprises me how little CAPCOM actually cares about the integrity of their franchises.

I remember a statement they made on why they allowed the Chun Li movie to be made, saying that they cared more about exposure than having substance. Putting out a figure of how much the first Street Fighter movie made despite the poor reviews. Its the same with the Resident Evil movies.

Arsenic132785d ago

I think they are using this to test the action route for the RE series, while the smaller Revelations will test the survival horror route. They don't even know where to take the series.

It's possible they will go both ways with it. But to me, it seems like these games are all tests to see how RE6 should be.

slavish32785d ago

its about time capcom takes back the zombie genre

slavish32785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

4player co-op nice hope its 3rd person