Game Informer: The Orange Box Review 9.75/10

Half-Life 2 originally came out almost three years ago. With cutting edge graphics, a stunningly realistic physics system, and amazing game design, it's no wonder why it was such a masterpiece on PC. The game was so ahead of its time that it doesn't seem like a three-year-old title, and now that console hardware has caught up, gamers are able to get the full, undiluted experience onto their TVs. So if people haven't played the original Half-Life 2 and Episode One before, then they need to read the headline again. For those who have played both, don't worry – there is still $60 worth of new content in this package, so they too should go ahead and re-read that headline, because they shouldn't have to read this whole review to understand why The Orange Box is probably the best videogame deal ever.

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