Rockstar Promises “Sophisticated” Max Payne 3

Rockstar Vancouver promises that it is pulling out all the stops in development of Max Payne 3, recognising that gamers have far higher expectations than when Payne made his debut in 2001.

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bumnut2814d ago

I hope this actually happens, too many devs break promises these days.

Quagmire2814d ago

Well, this IS Rockstar, so they generally deliver on the Single Player fronts.

nskrishna22814d ago

I don't care what they say...just give us the game asap

Oldman1002814d ago

This sounds very promising. I have played the first but not the second. Is the second better than the first? Or does the first trump the second?

pr0digyZA2814d ago

I preferred the second game, it had amazing physics and rag-doll for its time, graphics were also a cut above the rest.The first game though was great because of its use of slow motion which made it stick in peoples heads, and is probably why people are still very fond of it.

Senden2814d ago

Holy hell I didn't realise rockstar were doing the next Max Payne game. My anticipation for this game has just sky rocketed!

dannybohy2814d ago

The first was PC, and was fanatastic at the time, the Snow falling in the first act was excellent as was the Slow Mo!. Second game was more of the same. I fear this will be another game which will lose out being Multiplatform, or rather PC users may lose out, please dont dumb down the aiming mechanics for PC users like all the other devs are these days!!!.

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