Anonymous Release Video: “These Attacks Will Continue”

Anonymous, the group of hackers that threatened war on Sony, and then subsequently brought down several Sony sites, as well as the PSN to some degree, have released a video promising that the attacks will continue.

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Sev2815d ago

Ummmm. Holy shit?!?!

doctorstrange2815d ago

Mental cases with so much power

decimalator2815d ago

umm, I'm not sure I'd call it power. I'd call it megalomania.

MintBerryCrunch2815d ago

ill give it a week before their short attention spans switch over to another cause of theirs

before this, they went after Louis Vuitton, i actually agreed with their statements against them...i wonder if anyone here has actually read what their real gripe is with Sony

zootang2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

These boys should be hitting the banks! Not an entertainment company.

Need bubbles!

pangitkqb2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

What makes Anonymous feel so righteous? Who dubbed them the crusader, judge, juror, and executioner?

If I don't like something my neighbor does, do I attack him?

If I don't like what Walmart corporate does, do I burn down the local Walmart? Does such an action mean I am some kind of hero?

If somebody disrespects my religion, does that person need to die?

Apparently Anonymous thinks so highly of themselves and their ideals that they are willing to hurt others. Attacking the PSN doesn't just punish Sony. It punishes Sony employees, PSN users, and the millions upon millions of Gamers on PS3s and PsPs everywhere.

Anonymous isn't some hero group, they are vindictive losers on a self righteous crusade and don't care who they hurt.

hay2815d ago

Amazon Kindle would do a better job as voice synth...
Kids with too much time on their hands.

SasanovaS19872815d ago

these hackers really believe their not traceable? a multi billion dollar company will find a way...their bringing knives to a gun fight

Karlnag32815d ago


Of course not! That isn't nearly cowardly enough! It involves doing something in person.

GrieverSoul2815d ago

The hell is this?!

Al qaeda on the web?! Who is Geohot? Bin?!

NewMonday2815d ago

A comment from YouTube:

" You attack Sony for "treating their customers badly", then attack services they offer to their customers, preventing normal use from innocent gamers - How does this make any sense? Talk about pot calling the kettle black."

hay2815d ago

@SasanovaS1987: That's not hard. Judging by their "pro level" someone must've logged on their youtube account with their own IP.

captain-obvious2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

some people really needs to do something useful with their lives instead of this BS

and the fuck are they doing trying to be some super heroes or something ??

TotalPS3Fanboy2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

All Sony's sites are working fine.

It's like shooting arrows at a tank. It only works in Civ 3, not in real life.

Focker4202815d ago

This is like something you'd see in a movie, except the good guy is the huge corporation and the bad guys are the bothersome underground rebellion.

NiKK_4192815d ago

i'm not sure what to believe, because sony said that it went down because of sporadic maintenance, and it went down before anon "promised" that they were gonna get revenge, because it went down in europe sometime yesterday, but it also was down for me yesterday afternoon (i'm in the US). so i'm not sure if anon is just trying to take the credit for it, because i haven't heard anything about them doing anything until AFTER psn went down, but it wasn't down very long either, so i kinda think it may have just been maintenance, plus the fact that it started in europe and then went to the US...i don't see how that DOESN'T sound like sporadic maintenance like sony said

pixelsword2815d ago

denial of service attacks:

the calling card of the novice hacker


AndrewRyan2815d ago

I somewhat agree with them. I understood Sony going after Graf and Geo, those bastards are scum. But Sony began checking innocent people's IP and doing background checks which I find to be unbelievable how they could be allowed such a thing. Sony should at least apologize to the customers who have bought a PS3.

sdtarm2815d ago

this guys should grow the fuck up and get a life

2815d ago
ThanatosDMC2814d ago

Wonder how they look like when the law gets them.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )


PS3 is on roll with the Gaming community, now officially is on 2nd Place, and also most of the Gamers don't care what this anonymous thing is saying, and all sites and PSN are working fine.

Jezuz2814d ago

oh wow, are you guys stupid? Saying they have no life? Why look at yourselves and im not on their side.

thats_just_prime2814d ago

if they can actually take down the ps store that be pretty impressive.

As of all the ps3 fangirls that think these downt hurt $ony they are just plan stupid. You know how much $ony has to spend to get this thing back up and running ? Plus now they probably have people working overtime to keep the hackers out.

As of it hurting the employees get realy they are probably loving this even tho it might be a bit of a headache they are probably making even more money.

BattleAxe2814d ago

These are just some dumb asses that are using the Anonymous name. Anonymous isn't interested in crap like this. They are more interested in Global political injustices that harm humanity. I'm sorry, but Sony trying to protect their PS3 from being hacked doesn't fall under that category.

LoVeRSaMa2814d ago

You guys don't understand Anonymous, they are playing with everyone, their biggest power is scaring people who don't know the limits of there power by cool videos :)

Also Anonymous is everyone.

Spydiggity2814d ago

"Mental cases with so much power"

i assume you're talking about the corporations here...

i can't believe how sheep-like you all are.

while i'm quite sure this is a fake video, i think it's great there are people out there actually willing to stand up to these greedy, blood-sucking companies that will do everything they can to exploit and manipulate law just for the sake of maximizing profit and influence. i'm amazed you people aren't awake to reality and will STILL blindly support sony after years and years of corruption. they are a corporation who's sole priority is maximizing profits. just like MS, just like BP, just like GE, just like everyone!

there is no reason why any of you should be backing sony in this. if this were MS, you'd all be cheering Anonymous on. you need to rethink your loyalties.

thankfully, the foolish n4g community hardly represents the massive number of intelligent, thoughtful people out there that understand what's actually going on here.

i'll be awaiting your incredibly childish PMs and replies.

Electroshocked2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Denying the free flow of information? What are they talking about? Sony is obtaining information from hackers just like hackers obtained information form Sony, but illegally. By not allowing/wanting Sony to see the hackers information is just contradicting their own religion of ''free flow of information''

These guys are a bunch of idiots, and they should get a life. And if they really want and believe in ''free flow of information'' they might as well give us their address' and credit card numbers while they are at it.

sikbeta2814d ago

This is SO stupid! they attack the "evil company" but end up screwing US, the consumers, they talk about "rights" but where are MY/OUR rights!?

nevimkdojsem22814d ago


"greedy, blood-sucking companies"

Who are those poor people whose blood is Sony sucking? I'd be really interested to know...

"that will do everything they can to exploit and manipulate law just for the sake of maximizing profit and influence."

If they didn't try to maximize profit they would lose to the competition and go bankrupt. How would it be good for consumers, employees and the society? Are you a communist?

"i'm amazed you people aren't awake to reality and will STILL blindly support sony after years and years of corruption. "
Corruption like bribing influential people? Has Sony ever been accused of that or is it just you lying?

"they are a corporation who's sole priority is maximizing profits. just like MS, just like BP, just like GE, just like everyone! "

Or just like you, a greedy hypocrite whose sole priority is to survive while maximizing your pleasure? How are you better than companies? I bet you haven't had a real job in your life yet - a salon communist fed by his parents.

"there is no reason why any of you should be backing sony in this."

There are several reasons for consumers to back Sony, the biggest being: more piracy -> less money to invest into new games, studios being closed... -> less games for us players.

"if this were MS, you'd all be cheering Anonymous on. you need to rethink your loyalties."

If this were MS, I wouldn't be interested as I don't own an xbox.

"thankfully, the foolish n4g community hardly represents the massive number of intelligent, thoughtful people out there that understand what's actually going on here."

What's going on there, commie...? Try to explain your theory once more so far it has only been a naive, unconvincing babbling of a young confused self-righteous leftist suffering from messianic complex. Maybe you need to put more starving lead poisoned African children into it.

HappyGaming2814d ago

Free flow of information own nooos?
So piracy is a good thing?
This guys are complete low lifes who have nothing
better to do than act "cool" on the internet.

Fucking losers :P

DeadlyFire2814d ago

Not mental.

World needs more people like this guy/girl/group. Stand up for what is right. Although they could do it in a more legal manner. Someone has courage. I just wish to find them to get them to go on a campaign to support Open internet net neutrality policy.

I personally am a very happy Sony fan.

chrisgay2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

"...We explore... and you call us criminals. We seek after knowledge... and you call us criminals. We exist without skin color, without nationality, without religious bias... and you call us criminals. You build atomic bombs, you wage wars, you murder, cheat, and lie to us and try to make us believe it's for our own good, yet we're the criminals. Yes, I am a criminal. My crime is that of curiosity. My crime is that of judging people by what they say and think, not what they look like. My crime is that of outsmarting you, something that you will never forgive me for. I am a hacker, and this is my manifesto. You may stop this individual, but you can't stop us all... after all, we're all alike."

The Hacker's Manifesto by The Mentor - 1986

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RankFTW2815d ago

Now just to wait for 10 scruffy looking guys in silly masks to show up outside Sony HQ holding protest posters, that's next right?

xxBiG_BoSSxx2815d ago

unlikely. that would involve them leaving the house.

FishCake9T42814d ago

Im guessing you haven't heard of this guy? Sony gonna get messed up.

oNIXo2814d ago

The "new" Anon would do stupid things like that and all of them use LOIC to DDoS. "Old" Anon wouldn't have even put out a video, you would just turn on your PS and it would say "NO." Most of "old" Anon have moved on to other things, and these kids do stupid shit.

Graey2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )


Thank you...that's what I'm trying to tell these guys. This group(by group i mean anon or b-listers as I like to call them) is full of g-hot pnis holders.

what group actually makes a video like this...what do you think this is. A movie I mean really...You don't have the clout to run with that ilk of shady men yet your posting like this is "V for vandetta" or something.

The rushing behind the guise of freedom for the people. Fuck put some effort into solving the cure for Aids, how about hunger, figure out the energy crisis.

Why is it that effort seems to exponentially increase when someone is doing dumb, or illegal shit or shit that will ultimately lead to people getting fcked up.

Oh on another note...for those who think my post might be a little to aggressive. I apologize I have Tourette's (but not really).

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TBM2815d ago

all i can do is
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahaha

this was the dumbest thing i've ever seen in my life, let me go back to doing something productive with my life right on like idk playing my games, or paying some bills.

seriously that was hahahahahahahahahaha

sobekflakmonkey2815d ago

im actually kinda convinced that this isnt anon for some reason, but some kid who is super butt-hurt or something...

rob200902814d ago

@ Sobek

I had the same thought.

Jezuz2814d ago

Productive stuff like playing games? How about charity work?

TBM2814d ago

yea, yea i can do that too no need to get all super serious lol.

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Tuxedo_Mask2815d ago

I remember reading a story about how the FBI raided some of the homes of "Anonymous" members. One of them was quoted as saying, "They had real guns!"

They are the definition of "internet tough guys".

MRMagoo1232815d ago

He probably hide behind his mum when they broke in and wet himself i can picture it so clearly it must be true lol

lee_ten2815d ago

this is pathetic, it really is. i don't care what beef these guys have with sony but don't drag innocent gamers in this crap.

they're proving sony right by DEFAULT.

SKUD2814d ago

Agreed. I miss the days when cracking ment something. Its all out of whack now.

thats_just_prime2814d ago

will you still be saying that $ony is right when they want to search through the ip's address of everyone that go to youtube to see whos "illegally" listening to thier music or watching their show "illegaly"

lee_ten2814d ago

at least the guys downloading stuff illegally isn't going around saying 'look at me!1111 i just downloaded rihanna's new album illegally! i'm so cool!111111'. do whatever you want with your system but don't mess with the company's software and then have the freaking balls to go around telling people you did it.

Anon19742815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Denial of service attacks. Give me a break. I once heard these referred to as the hacking equivalent to a kid using glue to get a door stuck temporarily. All Sony has to do is go "Oh, a Denial of Service attack. Let's block that. And done."

Irritating. Way to get the people on your side by pissing off your average joe who just wants to look at a website. Brilliant.

Whatever. Sites are fine now. Hope you get caught. Life goes on.

Cyorg2814d ago

They're nothing more than cyber-terrorists. I'm an open-source advocate, but I don't condone stealing. That is precisely what the hackers did.

zeal0us2814d ago

M$ Sam behind another attack, damn him

tawak2814d ago

sounds like bin laden threatening the west

Hairy Chewie2814d ago

Sony Australia still up and running. Can't mess with Oz.

OldParr2814d ago

What a Fag!!! this is too f#@ gay to be true!!

frostypants2814d ago



Flashwave_UK2814d ago

there trying to act like the mafia but we all know its just one guy sitting on a chair with a computer in front of him/her

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decimalator2815d ago

unless you send us.... one BILLION dollars!

GraySnake2815d ago


2815d ago
MDC312815d ago

I think you really mean...... One MILLION dollars!

Bebedora2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Short, concise, and just BRILLIANT comment! =)

Edit: Mini-me will be so pleased.

2815d ago
GraySnake2815d ago

"Why don't you call it Operation Ass Cream you ass."


HBK6192815d ago


"I want fricken sharks with fricken laser beams on their fricken heads!"

Shikoro2815d ago

#2 comments are so full of win. :D

GraySnake2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

is that me? :) i think everyone is winning here lol


Edit: OOHHHH lol i got it... #2...

"Hey everyone! I'm Number 1!"
"Hello I'm Number 2."
"Nice to meet you Number 2."

lol sorry.... to much caffine...

Shikoro2815d ago

Hahaha, I meant all the comments, like #2, #2.1, #2.2, #2.x ... :D

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christheredhead2815d ago

i hate this hacker crap. they think by attacking sony they will somehow prove a point but no one gets hurt but the consumers. i imagine this will cause problems for me when i have nothing to with this other than being caught in the middle. thank you for any future problems you will cause me when all i want to do is play and enjoy games. ridiculous.