StrengthGamer: Kinect 101 - We Need Controller Integration

Ryan Taillon of writes, "Well gamers, Microsoft and the Kinect have hit a few big milestones this month. Kinect has sold 10 millions units worldwide in only six months, and to be honest it leaves me with mixed emotions. On the one hand I'm happy for Microsoft and the Kinect developers, but there is a part of me that feels like I have been duped. If you are reading this you know what I'm talking about."

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TotalPS3Fanboy2808d ago

Most gamers agreed with everything that author said. That is why most gamers don't like Kinect.

Although 360 gamers defend Kinect, deep down, they agree with this article.

ultimate-remag2808d ago

i thought the future was CONTROLLER FREE gaming...

macky3012808d ago

I am the controller ,..
No, you are the fucking moron, who bought an Ir depth 30fps eye-toy for 150usd,..