Upsets abound in Round 2 of Madden NFL 12 voting

Warp Zoned writes:

"The second round of voting for the Madden NFL 12 cover athlete is complete and a ton of top seeds have been knocked out.

Jacksonville's Maurice Jones-Drew (#3), Atlanta's Matt Ryan (#2), Pittsburgh's Hines Ward (#2) and San Diego's Phillip Rivers (#1) have all been voted out by the fans. The survivors of the second round include several Cinderella stories, though Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers is still alive as well in round three."

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SuperbVillain2786d ago

Whats the point of Madden if there is no season :/....I hope they resolve this lock out thing...if there isn't a season expect the economy is slip even further,think about all the things affected by football season,Madden,Restaurants ( Hooters,Buffalo Wild Wings,etc.) stores that sell jerseys and equipment....ahhhhhhhh were all doomed!!!

Rainstorm812786d ago

I agree, whats the point?

Can they even use the NFLPA license with the Lockout going on? On top of everything is Ea going to put any effort into this years game?

This lockout is a big [email protected](k for everyone, players owners, and fans.

SuperbVillain2786d ago

I honestly don't know what they can or cant' do.All I know is that I want my football in 2011...There is too much money to be lost both by the NFL & the owners for them to not have a season.I think it's just one big story line to keep us entertained til football season actually starts

RememberThe3572786d ago

I love that The 12th Man was even in the voting. Thats so fuckin awesome! GO HAWKS!

wsoutlaw872786d ago

cuz the seahawks did have any cover worthy player lol go pats

wsoutlaw872786d ago

ah the BILLs crappier running back haha. thats not beast mode thats lets watch the saints arm tackle like theyre playing tag. But hey lets see how they draft this year. Not a fan of Pete Carroll never was, but he should be able to evaluate college talent now.

Raptura2786d ago

I hope Brees doesn't win.. Two years in a row on the box? Fuck that.

Darth Stewie2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Brees should not even be a choice since he was last year so I want anybody but him on the cover. I really want this lockout to end mainly.

HelghastDrake2786d ago

It should come down to the two biggest superstar hall of famers in the NFL. Roger Godell and Demaurice Smith!