Codemasters Happy To Let EA and Activision "Duke it Out"

Codemasters' upcoming first person shooter Operation Flashpoint: Red River is near it's release date, but the creative director Sion Lenton is not to worried about battling for top spot with the big boys from EA and Activision.

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MysticStrummer2758d ago

He's wrong if he thinks the masses are yearning for something different. If they don't buy Call of Duty they'll buy something similar with an easy learning curve and quick gratification. I prefer the more sim oriented approach but I'm in the minority.

dangert122758d ago

Its funny in the world of gaming casual massively out number the core =/ and have a huge influence on what 'was a core game'

MysticStrummer2758d ago

Exactly. It's no coincidence that games have gotten shorter and easier this generation. It could be argued that development costs contribute to shorter games, but that doesn't explain why Normal feels like Easy now.

GodofwarGoty2758d ago

thats like saying the wii fan boys will let the PS3 and Xbox fanboys Duke it out ( which would mean FIGHT TO THE DEATH)

Dart892758d ago

Which would then mean the wii comes in for the win knocking out whoever wins between those two lol.

GodofwarGoty2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

(lol Dart 89 you know your stuff) then out of no where the wii comes in and takes the final blow and wins the match cosole war is over Wii wins

MysticStrummer2758d ago

Sure... if you consider the Wii to be part of the conversation, which I don't. It's like a Speak and Spell compared to a couple of nice laptops.

GodofwarGoty2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

well thats the point of it no one would think the wii could beat a PS3 or Xbox thats why having the Wii take a cheap shot and win is the best Ending dont you think

distorted_reality2758d ago

I've never known a red river that is willing to step aside to let others have their fun.

bumnut2758d ago

"creative director Sion Lenton is not to worried about battling for top spot with the big boys"

thats probably for the best, the last flashpoint game was shit.

MysticStrummer2758d ago

I disagree. I had a great time with it and still play it. One of the few challenging FPSs of this generation on Normal difficulty. I can see why the Call of Duty crowd would hate it though. It's waaay too tough for those people. The UI did suck though.

bumnut2758d ago

Im not part of the cod crowd, I liked the original flashpoint but this game just did not work properly.

Raven_Nomad2758d ago

There is no fight between the franchises. It's like Mike Tyson versus Peter McMeely. COD is the champ and I don't see a true contender anywhere.

BeastlyRig2758d ago

To bad what you say is true..

But at least cod won't be the best game out just the most famous..

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