The Day The Music Died

When Guitar Hero first released on the PS2 and Xbox, it took the gaming world by storm and created a monster that seemed unbeatable. Unfortunately with success came it’s own ups and downs for the genre as well as the ones who created it.

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Butt0n_m4sher2759d ago

LONG LIVE DDR... and what's up with that report? Approve.

MysticStrummer2759d ago

The day the music died..? Seems a little strong, but then again I never had enough interest in Guitar Hero or Rock Band to play them even once.

InLaLaLand2759d ago

Music is pretty much dead in general unless you are into the crap they put on TV and radio. MTV should be called RTV (Reality TV) since they show crappy reality TV programs. Most artists like Prince and Jack from White Stripes always hated Guitar Hero, they want people not to learn how to play a guitar from the game.

suckerv2758d ago

The comments that people make about how gamers should just learn to play a real guitar VS playing Guitar Hero have always bugged me. It has nothing to do with learning to play a real instrument; it's a video game! Do people tell gamers to go out and be a real soldier as opposed to playing Call of Duty? Or to go out and pick fights in the street as opposed to playing Street Fighter?