Hunted: The Demon Forge has 70 minutes of cutscenes

Bethesda’s upcoming Hunted: The Demon’s Forge contains over 70 minutes of cutscenes, the BBFC has revealed. But does the story hold up? Especially when we've only seen shouty, in-game engine cutscenes so far.

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Berserk2480d ago

Is that supposed to be something good or bad? It depends on the game...

ThanatosDMC2480d ago

Yeah, if people check out the gameplay on youtube especially the walkthrough with the dev. It looks like Gears with a bow and arrow. Chest high walls included.

Relientk772480d ago

This game doesnt look that good IMO

MysticStrummer2480d ago

Once again, it's the quality that counts, not the number.

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