Sony Fighting Game, Stig Says - " We Understand Fighting Controls It Would Be An Amazing Game"

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Hitman07692689d ago

I think this would be incredible. God of War has failed to disappoint but I'd love to see the fighting genre refreshed with new competition and ideas.

DelbertGrady2689d ago

Every day is april fools day when you're the Hiphopgamer.

malandra2689d ago

a new fighting IP from Santa Monica would be great

they should keep it realistic in terms of looks (just one or two female characters) but it should be arcade all the way, because even fishing games are more fun that fighting sims

but at the same time it should be over the top but not ridiculous

Shmotz2689d ago

If you're going to make a mascot fighting game please please please base it of Super Smash Bros. Melee.

thekiddfran2689d ago

Please don't that game is a mess in my opinion.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2689d ago

How would it be modeled? Like MK? Soul Caliber maybe?

SeNiLesBack2689d ago

New IP FTW!! Hope its good Valve...

Visari2689d ago

"We Understand Fighting Controls It Would Be An Amazing Game"

Right. If this were true then I think a game like it would already be made. Besides, even if you understood the controls it doesn't mean you understand the mechanics.

Drekken2689d ago

I'm sure you are the ultimate expert when it comes to the know how. Maybe you should contact Sony and give them a bit of advice.

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The story is too old to be commented.