Dead Island Release Date Leaked?

TheGamersHub writes: Dead Island, Techlands upcoming zombie game, is rumoured to be coming around the end of 2011. Now, we have all seen the amazing trailer and we all have seen the amazing screenshots, but what we have not seen is a definate release date. That is until now (maybe), and have recently updated the release date of Dead Island from ‘to be announced’ to ‘August 30th’.

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FAGOL2759d ago

I hope so. But UK release will be 2 days later like always. So 2nd of September for EU. Nothing is really coming out in September so that's a good release date.

Dart892758d ago

*Nothing is really coming out in September so that's a good release date.*

Yea you might want to check again cuz Resistance 3 has a bone to pick with u lol.

bumnut2758d ago

only if you have a ps3

lpfisher2759d ago

This game can't come out soon enough

blackhammer2758d ago

I'd bet it will end up delayed.

ShadyDevil2758d ago

I think its just a placeholder date.

Rob9462758d ago

Well the game has been in development for 4years now so I wouldn't be suprised by this date, i was thiking november but it would sell bad seeing as a new cod uncharted 3 skyrim mass effect 3 and more are releasing then