Ubisoft sails into the future with Anno 2070

Ubisoft has officially announced Anno 2070, the latest iteration of the company's real-time strategy and simulation franchise. Set to release in Winter of 2011 for PC, the game moves the Anno franchise into a new era, taking players into a world inspired by today's challenges and tomorrow's technologies.

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Horny2783d ago

Its beem so long since I played an A.D. game.
Kind of looking forward to this.

banjadude2783d ago

The future eh? This could be VERY interesting.

BeastlyRig2783d ago

I want to see more about this!

bumnut2782d ago

Looks good but for me Ubisoft sails into the dark ages with their customer support. I don't like buying games from companies who screw their customers over.

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