List of Xbox 360 Mortal Kombat 9 Exclusives (Rumor)

Via S&Q: "Hitting gaming forums left and right is a list of supposed Xbox 360 exclusives for Mortal Kombat 9. NetherRealm has since added to following notice to their forums: “It has recently been brought to our attention that a number of members are openly discussing news and media that haven’t been officially announced by NetherRealm Studios.” There is no certainty to these exclusives so take them with a grain of salt:"


Update: An image of the King of the Hill game mode with avatar support and information on it has been added.

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gamingdroid2811d ago

The exclusive character on the Xbox 360 is your AVATAR!

shoddy2811d ago

But I think they have to find one or MS will bitch about it.

Sony didnt pay for this.
I have a feeling we have to pay for extra characters.

Damn game this days.

slavish32811d ago

i don't think they could get a contract for 360 like they did with ps3

Sony3602811d ago

And the lady in red.

Also there's an exclusive arena, and some other things you forgot to mention.

Brash_Attack2811d ago

The Lady in Red is not an Xbox exclusive player. She will be coming in the first DLC pack for both systems. She will just be free on the Xbox.

Sony3602810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

A character you have to pay for on the Ps3 and an exclusive arena then. Nit pick nit pick.

DOMination2811d ago

Pretty nice features but I think the ps3 version is still the one to get.

LOGICWINS2811d ago

Yeah I agree. The avatars for King of the Hill mode was an awesome idea for the 360 version, but I'd take Kratos, free online play, and a more accurate D-PAD over that any day.

DrHouse2811d ago

I have to agree the D pad on 360 sux, Although for FPS the Xbox controller has no equal.

Brash_Attack2811d ago

I don't play fighting games so I don't care how the D-Pad is, personally, but they just came out with the new Xbox controller with the twisty D-Pad. Is that no good either?

jimbone792811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

I just got the new controller with the adjustable D-pad and I think it works great. A very big improvement.

@ Brash, I think it's great. A very big step up.

STREET x KING2811d ago

i actually don't know anyone personally who uses the dpad over the sticks, everyone i play with just uses the sticks every time and thats with ps3 too.

but i agree, idk why anyone would get the 360 version over the ps3 version, MK releases in 2 weeks and i doubt the 360 will get anything good.
Also the 360 never even got a demo even though both systems were said to get the demo at the same time but its been a few weeks now and no xbox demo, it doesnt seem MS is supporting Mk because they're probably really pissed.

hazardman2810d ago

The new Xbox 360 PLus controllers Dpad is actually good, but I still like the comfort of the PS3 controllers dpad and spacing.

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M_Prime2811d ago

the twisty D pad is great.. but if you look around u can get a TEKKEN 6 HORI stick for $50 with tekken 6.

i did, and its the only thing i use for fighting games.. well worth $50 if you like fighting games to be honest

Wizziokid2811d ago

*Exclusive Mode: Puzzle Kombat – Features online play, leaderboards, and avatar support.
*Exclusive Arena: The Pit 360 – Remake of The Pit III from MK3
*King of the Hill mode will include avatar support.
*DLC Character “Lady in Red” will be available to Xbox Live users as a free download for a limited time after her release
*Exclusive avatar gear will be available for purchase.


Lamarthedancer2811d ago

Kratos or Avatar gear....

What to choose :)

tucky2811d ago

Avatar of course ... I spent so much time customizing it ;-)

KwietStorm2811d ago

Do you play Kinectimals?

Shadow02811d ago

You can actually make your avatar very different and kind of cool now that I think about it... But who the fuck is lady in red?

Blad3star2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

That would be EPIC!!!!

Please let this happen.

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