What We Want From The Minecraft 1.5 Update [Game Rant]

Rob Keyes of Game Rant writes, "We’ve read your comments and heard your concerns about the lengthy time in between updates the the lack of added content/upgrades in general, but we’ve also heard some of your suggestions for what comes next for Minecraft. While we have an extensive list of big picture ideas we’d love to see implemented in the future before Minecraft hits full release, we’ll focus on five little updates we expect or desire to be added as soon as Minecraft Update 1.5."

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blackhammer2807d ago

Some good points. I haven't made cookies yet, but I won't really bother with them until I randomly run into cocoa beans. Until then, I'll stick with some feeeesh and pig hack-and-slash.

Damn, I'd really love for whales to turn up. Tame those beasts. Take me down some friggin' Nessy and squids.