Nintendo: Calling All Players (Die-hard and Newly Hooked)

BusinessWeek reports:

In its annual game showcase last year, Nintendo had made the message its focus is the mainstream. But this year, Nintendo's president Satoru Iwata took aim at a sector that Nintendo has not had much success with lately: hard-core gamers.

"I understand that some experts argue that our success is short-lived and temporary. So, we now need to make efforts to constantly expand the player base by offering services and titles that can appeal not only to those who have never played games but also to those who play them hard," Iwata said at the Nintendo Fall Conference 2007.

Analysts and developers respond (with numbers and figures) to Iwata's surprise announcement...

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Darkiewonder4085d ago


I like to play it hard too.

ChickeyCantor4085d ago

see they abandoned no one, they do care about money XD

KeiZka4085d ago

With a nuance of common sense.

ChickeyCantor4085d ago

i was kidding =)
Anti - nintendo people always scream that nintendo are rippers, asking way to much money and go for the wrong seems thats not true now ...but i bet the money thiefs parade will go one.

cooke154085d ago

Im glad they are recognizing this and making it known.

mcgrawgamer4085d ago

more games like metroid prime, battalion wars, fire emblem, monster hunter, etc,. are needed to keep the hardcore demographic happy, but alos not forgetting about the wii fits and brain ages of the world for the casual gamer. Looks like Nintendo has found their key to success.

Obsidianphantom4085d ago

nintendo never forgot about hardcore players, they just realized that the market(a.k.a video games) is still pretty much percived as a niche market by mainstream thinking ex:games are for kids, even though it has been proven otherwise and can be proven otherwise with statistics. Most mainstream(casual) people in the U.S. still believe games are for kids.

What i think nintend wanted to do with the wii is bring in those nay-sayers and show them that are hobby isnt so narrow that it cant appeal to everyone.

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