Lack of FIFA and PES won't harm PS3 sales, say retail

"PS3 could sell its entire allocation without a killer app"

Sony may have been left with a sporting injury after Microsoft's announcement of a 12-month exclusivity deal on next-gen FIFA and PES for Xbox 360, but it won't hinder sales of the PlayStation 3, according to UK retailers.....

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GamerX24376d ago

Agreed!!!!! No I don't think it will hinder sales of the PlayStation 3 AT ALL

Jay da 2KBalla4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

The point isnt to slow sales of ps3, its to boost sales of 360 which is what this deal is going to do and even though ps3 is guaranteed to sell out, this footbal deal is going to sway many potential ps3 buyers to the 360 especially when the fifa engine has been rebuilt for the next gen and rest assured sonys sales will be hindered especially with the widespread shortages of ps3. If people cant get a ps3, I dont see why they wouldnt buy a 400 dollar console with the next gen version of football which is the most popular sport in the world specifically europe. The united states equivalent would be if madden 07 was exclusive to the 360. No need to say what would happen to ps3. Nuff said.

Shadow Flare4376d ago

or they'd just play the game on ps2, and then buy a ps3

Jay da 2KBalla4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

true but who would want to play the ps2 verion for their ps3? That just seems idiotic. Why would you pay for a current gen game with current gen graphics to play on a 600 dollar next gen console? hmm.

Idk about you sony fanboys but I know that if I was going to spend 600 dollars for a next gen console or even 500 dollars for a next gen console (which i'm not) I would want to play some next gen games especially a killer app like fifa or proevo. Buying a current gen game for a next gen console especially one that costs 500-600 dollars makes absolutely no sense and you sony fanboys know it and i know the majority of the masses of holiday shoppers will see it this way also because its common sense.

Shadow Flare4376d ago

because some people wouldnt want to buy a 360 just for those games. 100 million people already HAVE the ps2. So why not just buy it for the console they already have and are used to? And then buy the ps3. Of course it would look better on next-gen, but beauty is only skin-deep. It's the gameplay that counts, and the gameplay will be practically the same on both systems. And the ps2 version will sell more copies then the 360 version. Easily

Jay da 2KBalla4376d ago

Like I said buying a current gen game for a 500-600 dollar console makes no sense whatsoever and i edited my two previous posts you might wanna check em out.

Jay da 2KBalla4376d ago

"because some people wouldnt want to buy a 360 just for those games"

So you think people are going to buy a ps3 just for ps2 games instead of the 360 for rebuilt next gen games. That is ridiculous. Get ya mind right.

Shadow Flare4376d ago

ugh, im sayin they'll buy a ps3 for the games that are coming out on ps3. Pro Evo and FIFA dont come into the ps3 equation. People will buy a ps3 if they want it. But they'll buy those games for the ps2 they already have.

Believe me pal, im english, and this game is big over here. I got a friend and all he does is have mates round his house to play pro evo multiplayer. But trust me, even over here, its not a big enough title to sell a whole 360. Especially when people can buy it already for their ps2

Jay da 2KBalla4375d ago

And I'm sayin that people aree going to buy a 360 for the games that are coming out for it and the games that are already out and the fact that the next gen version of this game(fifa07) is going to have brand new tech thanks to a brand new engine and next gen pro evo will be exclusive to the 360 it will cause many potential ps3 buyers to buy a 360 especially with the massive shortages. Not everyone has a ps2 also so your logic is even more messed up. And like I said the equivalent of this is that if madden 07 was a next gen exclusive to the 360 LOADS of people in the states would skip the ps3 and get the 360, believe me I know I live in the states.

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zypher4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

Pro Evo may have some refinements on the 360, but i find it hard to believe that FIFA will. EA said the same thing about Madden 06 on the 360. for two consecutive years Madden has had superior gameplay on the current-gen systems (PS2 and XBox) in comparison to its next-gen counterpart. another point to consider is this: when people think Microsoft vs. Sony, they typically think XBox 360 vs. PS3, which to an extent makes sense. but they often forget about the PS2, which is a fatal mistake. the PS2 STILL has the highest installed-base, is STILL the #1 selling home console, and is projected to STILL be the #1 selling console this holiday season. no matter how you stack it up, the PS2 version will sell considerablly more than the 360 based off sheer installed-base alone. even had the games come to the PS3 they would've sold more on the PS2

Captain Tuttle4376d ago

Whether the PS3 is going to have any legs or not. No one denies that it's going to sell out it's first production run. Probably even it's second. Those are all early adopters. But when you start getting into the third or fourth production cycle, if the games aren't there, the consoles won't move. That's why this is important.

GamerX24375d ago

What do you think the ps3 is banking on??? FFX100 and MGS 5 this is there fanbase

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