FTG Founder’s Day: 24hr Gaming Marathon Roundup (w/shoutouts and Portal 2 Giveaway Results)

"After hours of toil, sending email after email, tweet after tweet about Front Towards Gamer’s one-year anniversary 24 hour gaming marathon cleverly labeled “Founder’s Day”, we finally made it to Saturday, and at 9 am EST we began. Things got off to a flying start with some preemptive Crysis 2; warming up for the gamernight later in the day with some nanosuit wearing, armor suit activating, super jumping fun. We then broke up for Call of Duty: Black Ops, being joined briefly by KalebKJc94, taking a break from his stint of playing all four Call of Duty games for 24 hours (he’s crazy, yes, we know)."- InstantKarma

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Fir3truck2808d ago

Pics are on their way but my video camera crapped out on me so no video.

TheStonedSheep2808d ago

It was so much work but I'm so glad that we did it.

maxcavsm2808d ago

I'm still exhausted. Great time with SFX, N4G, GTR and the Games Radar guys.

AmigoSniped2808d ago

Homietown 4 Life. Great times with SFXZeroHourhero and the N4G podcast guys

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