APRIL: What Are You Buying? - April is here, which means Easter, bunnies, and hard-boiled eggs. This month sees a few big releases across consoles and PC, mostly towards the end of the month. There's no new hardware being released (that we know of) so there will be no excuse not to pick up some great electronic adventures, including Portal 2.

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zootang2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Portal 2, can't wait! PS3 version, so I can also play it on my new PC build.

Focker4202482d ago

Mortal Kombat, Portal 2, Brink, and Motorstorm Apocalypse

Dart892482d ago

Mortal kombat and socom 4.

a_bro2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Portal 2 PS3 (comes with PC version, so win win), Mortal Kombat, SOCOM 4.

MS: Apocalypse will be postponed for me till summer, along with Mass Effect 3. too many games to buy is the reason behind this.

just look at May as well: LA Noire? Duke Nukem Forever? DIRT 3?

man, thats why i was glad that the Team Ico collection was delayed till fall as well.

tdogchristy902482d ago

You may already know this but the way you worried it sounded fun. You know me3 doesn't come out until this fall? After this summer.

a_bro2482d ago

sorry, i meant Mass Effect 2, LOL. Had no time to write due to Chemistry lecture.

Alexrubens2482d ago

I'm totally getting all of these.

Ellimem2482d ago

Did you win the lottery?

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The story is too old to be commented.