MVC 3 More Characters More Fun On TheHotSpot Ep. 2

What’s good gamers, even though the previous week was a slow week for gaming news, you still do not want to miss this episode of the TheHotSpot. We have few surprises to give out, in order to get them, all you have to do is listen. On this week episode we discuss:

-Rumored Marvel vs Capcom DLC characters

-Mass Effect 2 arrival DLC

-Castlevania: Lord of Shadows Reverie DLC

and much more. Also please leave your comments on what you think of the new up and coming artist 1080.

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Hitman07692759d ago

Sounds pretty interesting and I don't know what yet about 1080 but the 3DS will probably not please the hardcore crowd as much as NGP will.

Visari2759d ago

3DS is more of a hardcore handheld than the DS because Nintendo doesn't want to have the reputation of the Wii being the shovelware system on the 3DS.

Also, NGP will just be over-saturated with shooters thanks to the dual-analog stick. Add some gimmicky dual touchscreens and it's looking like a casual dudebro handheld. I'd rather have variety with my games and the NGP just won't have that.

zeal0us2759d ago

Nothing fun about paying $5 or more for a character in MvC3 unless its the one you thought should been in there the first place. But even then do really want to pay $5 for a character?