Top 5 – Weinstein Company Games that Should be Made

"According to an article on Destructoid (link below), the Weinstein Company are getting into the video game market by starting TWC Games. They are going to be developing video games based on their existing and future movie properties. So I have decided to help them out by naming off my top 5 TWC movies that should be turned into games."- Heyfling

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maxcavsm2808d ago

Heh, where's my Fanboys video game?

TheStonedSheep2808d ago

An Inglourious Basterds game? I had to bite my tongue because I want it so bad but I know that it would be awful.

AmigoSniped2808d ago

These are some interesting ideas but I hope they never happen

heyfling2808d ago

All of them are meant to be a joke. The only one that might work is Inglorious Basterds.

Lindsey2808d ago

Shakespeare in Love