inFamous & Its Load Times, Hoping inFamous 2 Replicates It | Individual Opinion

HCGaming News: " overlooked fact is that the game had blazing fast load times. Once you booted the game, you’d be welcomed by a SCEA note followed by a Sucker Punch greeting, after which you’d see a inFamous logo on the bottom. And in under 10 seconds, you’d be playing as Cole..."

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Focker4202484d ago

Lets hope it has none and does it during cutscenes ala UC2, GOW3, KZ3

Electroshocked2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

InFamous 2 is going to be amazing, regardless loading times, if it has any.

Stuart57562483d ago

I think a re-play of inFamous 1 is due.

Electroshocked2483d ago

@ Stuart5755 Was to tired to start it again yesterday so I'm planning on doing just that today and once and for all get me that platinum trophy

MidnytRain2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )


Now is too early for me. I'll probably start replaying it around the 31st of May or the 1st of June, seeing as the game releases on June 7th.

Redempteur2484d ago

Well the reason it had fast load times was because of the install.

BUt with install or not i expect the same load times as well unless during an user created quest/mission

CernaML2483d ago

The installation wasn't even that large and only needed to complete about 20% before starting the game.

I'm sure Sucker Punch found much better streaming methods though. They are some very talented developers.

Masterchef20072483d ago

Who cares if it installs or not. PC gamers do it all the time. What matters in the end is how long it takes the game to load.

shadow27972483d ago

Another great feature that inFamous implemented was the autosave system. If you die during a mission, it takes you back to the previous checkpoint during that mission. That sounds pretty basic, but it's actually not common in open world games. GTA still hasn't done it.

Along with the quick load times, I hope this feature returns, as I'm sure it will. That, some fantastic graphics, an interesting story, fun gameplay, replayability, and user-created missions are the reasons I'm excited for this game.

Electroshocked2483d ago

I think GTA TBoGT and TLaD had checkpoints during missions...

shadow27972483d ago

Ah, good to know. I never played either of those expansions. I just remember how frustrating it was in GTA4.