Full Mortal Kombat combo video

All DEMO characters' combos (9+ hits)

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bacano2810d ago

Just imagine how this will be with team combos...

LOGICWINS2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

These combos are very impressive, but remember that these combos are being performed on NPCs on easy or medium mode. It would be EXTREMELY difficult to perform some of these on any decent online player since theres a combo breaker that fills up pretty quickly. I want to see practical combos performed in a REAL match with two humans.

EDIT: Yup, if u look at the vid, the combo breaker bar was full 90% of the time. Any person with half a brain could have stopped those combos from happening with a press of a button.

bacano2810d ago

I think you can't break a combo unless your character is standing on the floor... I guess some of those combos should actually work.

LOGICWINS2810d ago

No, you can def break a combo while ur in the air as well. Some of the combos with less hits can work since the combo breaker bar won't fill up in time. But those crazy 9+ hit combos won't work in a match between two decent players because of how quickly the combo bar fills up.

zeal0us2810d ago

Man can't wait to get this.

Wish MKvKI would happen

protekjv2810d ago

wow i really need to learn how to play this game, i play the demo so many times and can't do any of the combos.....

2810d ago
swishersweets200312810d ago

to perform the combo breaker do i have to push both the back buttons like a x ray or just one of them? and sometimes i noticed i pushed away characters trying to grab me i was button mashing so what button did that?

younglj012810d ago

hit forward and R2 at tha same time and u will combo break ur opponent

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