Battlefield Play4Free Available for Everyone

TGX: Electronic Arts has announced that Battlefield: Play4Free has officially come out of the beta stage and is now available for everyone to download. For free!

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ATiElite2786d ago

Ha...been playing this for a month and this article is a duplicate!

Anyway it's a good game and it's free. The system requirements are very very low. It's like BC2 but not the same graphics level (of course) but it has the Battlefield Bad Company 2 game play.

Check it out, i guess it's Open Beta today.

bumnut2786d ago

Its nothing like BC2, it is more BF2 but with less players.

It even has the same maps as BF2, although they are slightly modified.

Ice2ms2786d ago

is strike at karkand in it ?

ATiElite2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Too me it feels more like BC2 except it does have Jets. Lots of run n gun with the battle centered around the flags just like BC2.

That's Not how battlefield is. BF is finding strategic points throughout the map to choke off and control before taking the objective. In BP4F you can get to the objective safely before engaging the enemy just like BC2 . In BF just getting around the map was dangerous.

Yes the same maps as BF but smaller and in a BC2 format. Anyway it's still fun whether it feels like BF or BC2

captain-obvious2786d ago

can someone tell us how many classes or soldiers can you make ??

or is it open ?

ATiElite2785d ago

you can make 2 classes, if you want more you have to pay. small amount of free weapons, they are competitive but the ones you pay for seem to have a slight advantage as far as lower recoil and bigger mags.

I was in the closed Beta but now it's OPEN and boy you can spot the newbies....just look for the Helicopters flying upside down before crashing.

You have to have Bought Bad Company 1,2 or any Battlefield to get in on the Open.

ugabugaz2786d ago

Checking it out right now..

ThePhantomKnight2786d ago

Is this for ps3,also? I checked the link and I only saw PC

ATiElite2785d ago

Sorry....but it's one of those wonderful advantages of owning a PC....Free Games.


DirtyLary2786d ago

Stick to BF2. Some of the same maps, just utilizing half the map if that. Low rez textures. All class have 1 weapon and everything else is cash shop. They are even going to have boosts so you can out heal/repair/reload and probably shoot better than the players that don't buy in.

bumnut2785d ago

You earn money ingame to rent weapons, if you want them for ever you need to pay real money.