Mortal Kombat 9 (2011) Full Trophy/Achievements list + characters! (scarlett confirmed)

The mortal kombat 9 Trophies and achivements and tag team mode screen has been leaked.


Of course PS3 Exclusive is the platinum trophy:
Get all other trophies.

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Dart892759d ago

Does anyone else here hate online achievements?

aceitman2759d ago

if raiden is not playable y did they show him in gameplay as if ur playing him . hhhmmm fishy right there .

wreckless20602759d ago

Because the people posting this know nothing of the game, He is playable, No doubt about that. Half of this stuff posted id untrue and outdated

TrevorPhillips2759d ago

Raiden is a playable character. Looking forward to this game, not long to go :)

Acquiescence2757d ago

would be like The New Testament without Jesus.

thethiny2759d ago

Raiden Might Be UnPlayable (Bosses are unplayable and Raiden Could be counted as a Boss)

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The story is too old to be commented.