Chime Super Deluxe Review - ZTGD

Frustrated Fury Writes: Last year, both the Xbox and PC owners got their hands on the highly-addictive puzzle game Chime. Now, it has finally come to the PS3 with a few updates and additions that make the game just that much better.

For those of you who don’t know, Chime is a puzzle game that features licensed songs that play to the beat of the pieces laid down by the player. The music slowly adds complexity until it is fully fleshed out. The goal of the game is to cover the entire board with differently shaped blocks that form squares and rectangles that are at least 3×3 . A line continuously runs across the board and erases blocks you have created. The blocks themselves fill up and, if you can add to the ends of them, will expand to cover more of the board.

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buckley2788d ago

Really hoping this comes to the PC. Controls much better with a mouse.