Siegfried Not The Main Character In Next Soul Calibur

In the past couple of entries in the Soul Calibur games series veteran Siegfried Schtauffen had always played the role of leading man. In the next game that may no longer be the case, according to the new director of the Soul Calibur Project, Daishi Odashima on Twitter.

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waltyftm2810d ago

Great stuff, Hope it's Mitsurugi, I wonder how big they make ivy's tits in this one.

Focker4202810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

Mitsurugi and Ivy are my 2 fav. characters to use. I created a Wonder Woman and a Superman using their two fighting styles.

I can't freaking wait for SC5!!! I had a ton of awesome characters in SC4 including Captain Morgan, Chef Boyardee, Wolverine, Mario, The Hulk, and Mr. Clean (fought with a feather duster)

rezzah2810d ago

Mitsurugi and Nightmare are my favs.

SC4 to me was good. Though it seemed like it would be the last since the ending for each character seemed like the very end...

TotalPS3Fanboy2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

I hope Roy is the main character then. Or maybe their white tiger.

ChrisW2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

As long as it's not Voldo or Maxipad, I'll be happy.

As for Ivy's tits; I don't think they'll get bigger, but I think that she'll be sporting either pasties or lacy stuff. MMMmmmmmMMMMmmmm... lacy...

MWH2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

Mitsurugi, Astaroth and Cervantes are my fav, but Mitsurugi is my Limit-Break character in dire situation against equally skilled challengers. i'm an avid Soul veteran since the beginning, back in 1996 (good times).

i hope they work more on the story and make it coherent. if they decided on a main story line and a selected a main hero, make the other characters endings revolve around them. i never liked having each character ending getting the Soul Edge, it doesn't make sense.

Acquiescence2810d ago

He's always been my go to character since the very first game Soul Blade. I pwned so many n00bs with him in Soul Calibur IV.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2810d ago

Sorry but Mitsurugi is a newb character.

Taki, Yoshimitsu, and Yun-Seoung (Butchered) are my go top guys. I use Sig sometimes (even though he was designed to be for new comers too) but he's such a cool character I don't really care. I've only met 1 person who uses Ivy correctly. Most ppl just spam two attacks with her.

palaeomerus2809d ago

Soul Edge - Sophitia but Cervantes(boss) and Ivy seemed to play a huge part too.

Soulcalibur - Chai Xianghua was pretty obviously the main character with some room given to Nightmare

SC 2 was more about crap like Link, Spawn, Heihachi, and Todd Macfarlane's "Necrid" being thrown in

SC3 was mostly about Zasalamel and make a fighter mode.

SC4 was mostly about Siegfried as the new wielder of a cleansed Soul Calibur, and some dumb Starkiller/Yoda/Vader cameos.