Shift 2: Unleashed ‘Attacking Corners’ Video

DasReviews writes: "EA released a new video for Shift 2: Unleashed. In this latest video, Time Attack Champion Chris Rado talks about walking the fine line between racing glory and disaster..."

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Kon_Artist 2727d ago

the video:
98% the guys face and him talking.
1% i guess gameplay
1% opening and closing credits or W/E

PhoenixDevil2726d ago

'Now I enter into a turn at about 190MPH'

This is claiming to be real racing?

Kon_Artist 2726d ago

ya,real racing. well you can do that if you want, it wont be you racing anymore,itll be a race for the fire crew to get there and put the fire out

LoveMyKids2726d ago

You can do that in real racing.