7.0 Killzone 3

Adam and Luke from Newb Review dot com give their thoughts on one of the most visually spectacular shooters to date, does it live up to the hype?

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Pixel_Enemy2544d ago

I love clan matches online. Playing with a group of guys who work together. Public matches are frustrating because you play with a bunch of noobs who treat warzone like guerilla warfare or COD.

Lindsey2544d ago

I think it's fun playing both ways. Clans are fun for when you want to work as a team, but if you just want to have fun and talk with random people on the headset then that can be fun to.

mightyles2545d ago

I only played a few games and found the online mostly enjoyable. Lots of glitches and crashing stopped me from putting in more time with it.

BK-2012544d ago

glitches and crashing? I smell BS, I never had problems with either.

Pixel_Enemy2544d ago

The glitch he is referring to is how it won't play in his 360

news4geeks2544d ago

The glitches were him getting owned and the crashing was him rage quitting.

BK-2012544d ago

@kingdom, that was before the patches and its sad that you must spend all your time looking for this kind of stuff.

Kingdom Come2544d ago

It's sad I spent 1 minute looking for a video on YouTube? I didn't record the video. Get your facts right before making accusations...

mightyles2544d ago

Every game I played ended with a perpetual black screen, which forced me to reset my console. If that isnt a glitch what is it?

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Krimson-Rage2544d ago

How odd - I've had ZERO 'glitching' and 'crashing', either online or off.

Istanbull2544d ago

lets put an Ignore on your face

CanadianTurtle2545d ago

Watch, if this game was a multiplat, then it would've got like a 5.

mightyles2544d ago

No way, not with as shit a story as it had.

Krimson-Rage2544d ago

CRYSIS 2 seems to be managing just fine with is dull story, repetetive gameplay and awful voice acting, so why is KZ3 getting picked on?

Pixel_Enemy2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

cool story bro

El-Fenemeno12132544d ago

@Krimson-Rage I laughed cause this is so true. Crysis 2 turned out to be a waste of my money -_-, glad i only paid 25. Waiting on custom games patch for KZ3 8-)

DelbertGrady2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

It's not the game it's the media :(

Master of Unlocking2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Of course it would. The Gears of war games have much, much, much crappier stories & dialogs and they somehow still manage to get perfect scores.

Kingdom Come2544d ago

@ Krimson-Rage
Repetetive Gameplay? At least it's original.
Terrible Voice Acting? Are you deaf?
What are you going to criticise next? The incredible music?:

Word of the wise, play a game before passing judgement.

Krimson-Rage2544d ago

@Kingdom Come
The Lockheart character... yeah, AWFUL acting and a clichéd "hard ass" military type that offended the KZ2 critics so much.
The old geezer who owns the suit (forget the name) AWFUL.
Gould... Not AS awful, but pretty bad.

Lets see, yesterday I destroyed three node things for whatever reason I can't fathom, ran into a tidal wave and escorted a group of marines somehwere to be picked up by something, we got attacked by waves of "squids" and I shot down a gunship. Tropies I got in the process: "Into the Abyss", "once a Marine, Always a Marine" and "Band of Brothers"

SO DON'T YOU DAMN WELL TELL ME TO "PLAY THE GAME FIRST" when I'm struggling to do just that but am so damn bored by it that it's a chore. Depsite what the Crytek groupies would have us brainwashed into believing, CRYSIS 2 is overated, generic and at times borderline ugly.

And "At least it's original"??... Is that an admission it IS repetetive? Anyway, how the hell can FPS gameplay be 'original' when the "unoriginal" argument is precisely the stick used to beat KILLZONE with.

And it's funny that you post a link for the music as proof the game is 'great' when that's the one thing I didn't complain about (actually the music isn't bad, but it WAS still generic) Right, you put my argument to bed with vigour!!!

"Word to the wise", estabish facts before trying to undermine an argument with that tired failed "you MUSTN'T have played the game" rot and just accept that the sun DOESN'T shine out of Crysis 2's arse and it might actually be YOU who's holding up the game as something it's not.

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GodofwarGoty2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

These is outrangous THESE IS HELLGHANST !!!!!

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