Top 7 Interesting Dead Ends

NowGamer: "Quantic Dream’s David Cage recently suggested that the DepthAnalysis technology used in L.A. Noire was an ‘interesting dead end’. All he was saying, really, is that it won’t be that long before face and body movements can be captured simultaneously, so doing them separately, as DepthAnalysis currently does, will be redundant before long. It’s kind of a fair point when you look at it that way..."

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skyward2809d ago

Quantic Dream is an interesting dead end - but if they keep shifting games in the same volumes of Heavy Rain they'll be alright...

TimmyShire2809d ago

Heavy Rain was a nice idea, but take away the story and there is no game.

newn4gguy2809d ago

If that's your perspective...then stop everything.

I mean...everything.

christoph2032809d ago

Heavy rain has the best gameplay ive seen this gen, Transfers the controler into the players mind. I don't know any other game that has achieved this. I see quantic dream as a major PS4 devolper in the future.

newn4gguy2809d ago

This author is so full of it.

Quantic Dream has obviously had an impact in the game industry. L.A. Noire?

And I have news for him.

There will ALWAYS be a console war! There always has been. There always will be! What is he smoking?