The Witcher 2 hero has new face

The Witcher 2's Geralt got his new face - looks ugly, tired, but still cool.

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hay2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Finally a face that fits Geralt(I've read the books).

koplayah2815d ago

Yeah, especially compared to previous one:

Perkel2815d ago

i don't agree. Geralt in books had scars etc but he wasn't like dope adict apparence.

He was good looking for fameles and that is mainly why so many of them go to bed with him. Even queen Calanthe in chitchat said that she wouldn't mind giving her child for witcher training because end product is quite looker. (my translation ;P)

Ofc he wasn't sissy metrosexual handsome dude but rather manly man dude.

As of CD project red geralt vision i think it's fine for main audience :)

hay2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

He's still handsome.
This appearance is quite realistic, facial hair, wrinkles, also after the number of potions he drank and work he does you can't expect him to look fresh all the time...
Please also note that he's much older now after the saga, first game and probably some time between both games.
In addition, this image may not represent Geralt freshly out of the bath or after a day of relaxing sunbathing.
Also this art appears to be stylized to be more badass/mature/dark.

It's pretty much perfet Geralt image.

Perkel2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

@ hay

As i remember witchers don't age as nprmal humans and geralt in his saga was looking like 30 years old but someone predicted that actual age could be ~50-60 years, So i don't think even 20-30 years will make him older looking.

Vesemir oldest of all witchers in kerrmoren was looking like strong 60-70 years old man but in reality someone predicted that he could be easly 200-250 because he was present at the time of keer moren downfall and even then he wasn't young.

Even Vesemir didn't know any witcher older or how long witchers can live. Problem was that none of known witchers survived as long as Vesemir.

1.As of chronology after his saga in books. Game is just a few years after saga because Shani is still very young and probably just done her medical school in Oxenfurt.
2.By books chronology She should be dead in few years onward because of Catriona and in game she still lives.

As of mutagens witchers even like Vesemir didn't show any changes to apperence using drugs many years.

They are toxic and like poison but only to normal humans. Witchers were immune to almost all diseases and poisons and they regenerated way faster than normal human.

I think his recemt in-game look is better than cover art.

hano2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

I like the new look. Judging from the first game, It seems that Geralt is sexually attractive to the females due to his reputation, deeds, charisma, power, and mystique rather than having smooth looks.