C-3PO Has Played Star Wars Kinect And Apparently Likes It

Ian Fisher writes: But someone out there has played Star Wars Kinect and supposedly it’s going to amaze all of us. Having portrayed one of the most iconic characters in the Star Wars franchise has its perks as actor Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) has seen and played Star Wars Kinect and he liked it. Taking to his Twitter account, Daniels wrote "I have played Star Wars Kinect. You haven't. You can't wait. I can't say anything more." The fact that the man who personified C-3PO played Star Wars Kinect and that he apparently digs it may not be shocking news, but at least it’s something for the few dozen hardcore Star Wars fans out there that have been anticipating the release of Star Wars Kinect.

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Bigpappy2809d ago

Lets hope for the best.

jriquelme_paraguay2809d ago

and C3PO recieve as gift an X360 with Kinect :P

TotalPS3Fanboy2809d ago

he meant Star Wars Kinect have played him, as demostrated at E3.

DigitalRaptor2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

Of course he's going to be amazed by it. Have you seen the man? Does he look to be of this generation? My dad is amazed by how TVs work... does that make them any more revolutionary in today's society?

It's a shame. LucasArts should be putting their resources into a lightsaber game using another peripheral which I'm sure we all know quite well. I really hope this turns out to be good, because I can only see it as restrictive without being able to control your character in 3D space. They've f*cked with Star Wars a little too much for my liking and I swear if this takes that further...

Agent-862809d ago

I know, this article is ridiculous. Well, the actor that plays C3PO says that Star Wars Kinect is good, so it must be. Wow, great logic there. No need for reviewers, some unknown character actor has played it and it's good. Reminds me of those actor twins demoing the Harry Potter Kinect game and telling us how great it was. We know how that turned out.

On another note, I don't own a Move, but you are right that it would be the proper peripheral for making a Star Wars game. Really don't know why LucasArts and Sony aren't all over it. The Move would be perfect for a lightsaber game.

mac_attack2809d ago

You're free to draw your own conclusions about how good it is but it is kind of a bogus article.

For you second point I believe the want to involve force powers, etc which would involve a lot of arm motions and gesturing. Also kinect has sold a lot more and lucas likes going where the money is.